To honor carriers that have inspired us with their commitment to outstanding service, we distribute the annual Carrier Achievement Awards.

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How do you define a hero? If your definition of a hero is an individual that helps for a living, does so despite the sacrifices, and others depend upon for their very survival… then truckers are superheroes. Carriers transport a lot of precious cargo. Whether in a flatbed or a car seat, you’ve carried the… Read more »

With a changing market full of potential clients, standing out from the crowd is essential to growing your book of business.

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Competition for prospects is sure to keep you on your toes. With a changing market full of potential clients, standing out from the crowd is essential to growing your book of business. Differentiating yourself from others will keep you ahead of the competition and give your clients more reasons to choose you every time.  … Read more »

work zone awareness week

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Truckers and construction workers have something in common: Both make their offices right in the middle of traffic. The only difference is that workers don’t have an 80,000-pound steel cage to protect them. Work Zone Awareness Week is an opportunity to become educated on work zone safety. Workers, like truckers, often put their lives on… Read more »

what is tire rolling resistance

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Good tires keep your rig moving right, but choosing the wrong tires make can take the wheels off of your budget. In today’s difficult market, minimizing expenses is what keeps most truckers in for the long haul. Tires are obviously a primary expense for fleets, but did you know that the condition of your tires… Read more »

Knowing what to expect at a weigh station can help make the process smooth for both you and your fellow truck drivers.

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Weigh stations, or coops, are a common part of life as a trucker–but do you know everything that happens when you stop? Knowing what to expect can help you to be prepared each time and get back on the road.   What to Expect at a Weigh Station: The Scale This one may seem obvious… Read more »

Are Retreads Safe

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Retreads are tires that have had their worn tread replaced with a new one to prolong a tire’s life, and to some, they are a cheaper, more environmentally-friendly way to drive. But is that true? Retreads have sometimes carried a negative connotation for being inferior to new tires in terms of performance and safety. Many… Read more »

Malani brings passion and a positive outlook to work with her. Learn more about her in her Team Member Spotlight!

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I once heard some advice that has stayed with me: In interacting with people, always assume they are dealing with 50% more than what they’ve told you. People like Malani are everywhere: Meekly, they go about doing good, never complaining, never seeking to shine the spotlight on themselves. Even in the face of great tribulation,… Read more »

truckers stopped fraud

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Ever since the pandemic, truckers have been the targets of an onslaught of schemes. From double-brokering to skimming and shimming, thieves have become increasingly creative in their efforts to rob drivers of their profits. Fortunately, truckers are observant people, foiling scams with their ability to pick up on fishy details and suspicious characters. We’ve compiled… Read more »