future in focus series part 2 looking forward with optimism 3 things covid-19 has taught us

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Company executives have universally expended an endless stream of monetary, intellectual, and human resources in response to this ongoing dilemma: How do you inspire an entire workforce to productivity? The issue is staggering when the personality, cultural background, and even work ethic of a company is so diverse. In man’s quest for unity, each corporate… Read more »

One Factor That Helped Our Team Thrive Through A Crisis | Culture of Optimism

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2020 was supposed to be a year that only opticians remembered for being the holy grail of marketing, but as circumstances continued to evolve, textbooks and business journals had already begun to immortalize its events. In terms of economic, social, and even psychological impact, COVID-19 has influenced the global homeostasis more prominently than any other… Read more »

Special Message from Jason Beardall Concerning Workplace Diversity Unrest Tolerance

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Jason Beardall, president of England Logistics, shared his heartfelt thoughts concerning the unrest of the nation with the EL team. His words, shared below, offer a powerful reminder of the importance of empathy and tolerance.   —   You often hear from me, especially when impassioned about a topic that I feel morally connected to… Read more »

Produce Season Safe Transport During Hot Weather

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Produce season is an exciting time each year in the transportation industry and for produce shippers across the country. As we see an increase in produce being moved around the country, there are key safety guidelines that need to be followed. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) launched the Food Modernization Safety Act (FMSA) to… Read more »

4 tips for processing tough feedback

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Everybody knows the feeling: the word “feedback” enters the conversation, and instantly you can recall every error you’ve ever made since the third grade. While this reaction to feedback is standard, a staple of successful individuals is the capacity to process negative feedback positively and objectively. Consider these four tips in making the very best… Read more »

Survey Reveals COVID-19 Impact on International Trade

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Written by Greg Hewitt, DHL Blog   There are several factors currently impacting small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the U.S. The biggest, of course, is the coronavirus (COVID-19), which has forced many businesses into survival mode. In addition to the current economic issues caused by the pandemic, there are other significant events in 2020,… Read more »

Why tire care is important

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Tires are one of the transportation industry’s top major expenses, accounting for approximately 2% of overall costs. When purchasing tires, many trucking businesses only think of the up-front costs of the tires. Improper tire care can affect productivity, uptime and fuel efficiency, costing you lots of time and money. The better the tire care, the… Read more »

4 reasons why accountability is a staple of a successful person

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Accountability can be an intimidating term. Unfortunately, the word can often carry a negative connotation of justice, as in being accountable to one’s mistakes. Individuals that perceive accountability in this light may never reap the career-changing benefits of accountability. Just as an individual must responsibly own-up to their missteps, they are equally obligated to take… Read more »

Fuel at Large Truck Stops

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Trucking companies have always been concerned about fuel quality and how to get the best performance for their vehicles. After all, trucks and fuel are two of the largest expenses in running a trucking company. One question that trucking companies ask is, are major truck stops better for fueling trucks? The answer is yes, and… Read more »

integrity in the workplace 3 reasons why it will always be in demand

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I once worked closely with an individual that battled some enormous demons: depression, social anxiety, and insecurity were a few difficulties they battled daily, all culminating in debilitating episodes of isolation. Regardless of this person’s struggles, they were renowned in their work environment for one rare, remarkable talent: integrity. This individual never wavered from their… Read more »