How to Establish Strategic Communications with Customers

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Relationships matter. Even in today’s fast paced and high-tech environment, relationships continue to have a crucial impact on freight brokering. Agents that establish a strategic relationship with customers and carriers will often have the most business growth and long-term sustainability with their book of business. As a freight agent you may ask yourself many questions… Read more »

Customer Experience Matters Most

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Customer experience is the impression customers have of a brand as a whole throughout all aspects of the buying and service journey. The customer experience creates their view of a company and impacts factors related to the bottom-line including revenue, customer growth and retention. In business, the primary touchpoints that create the customer experience are people,… Read more »

Best practices for shipping perishable foods

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,When it comes to shipping product, a lot goes into ensuring a satisfactory delivery. When temperature sensitive product is added to the equation, it’s important that shippers use extra caution. Here are four steps shippers should follow to ensure perishable products get shipped with ease. Understand Temperature’s Effect on Perishable Products The first step is… Read more »

podcast network thriving establishing a resilient culture roundtable

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Ultimately, the elements of a successful culture can be broken down into a handful of defining attributes. Which attributes are highlighted is the decision of each company, but a universal essential is empathy. Tune-in to our final episode to discover what happens when a group of caring people all pitch-in.       ### Don’t… Read more »

Podcast Network Thriving Establishing a Resilient Culture | Leader Impact on Company Culture

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Culture is certainly the product of deliberate effort, but the behavior of an organization’s leaders can be far more impactful than raffles or lunches. The roundtables discusses just how far-reaching the effects of emulation can be.       ### Don’t forget to download and subscribe to The England Logistics Podcast Network on iTunes, Spotify,… Read more »

Podcast Network Thriving Establishing a Resilient Culture | Demands on the corporate world, remote work, changing market

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The demands on the corporate world have been heavy: Extensive safety precautions, a historic leap to remote work, and an ever-changing market have demanded the priorities of most companies. In this flurry of unprecedented conditions, culture may easily be neglected as important, but not essential. Listen to a roundtable of industry leaders discuss what happens… Read more »


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There are a lot of moving parts to LTL freight shipping. From pickup to delivery, there are plenty of reasons you’ll need to reach out to your LTL carrier. It’s crucial that you reach the right person quickly to keep shipping efficient and cost-effective. Effective communicating with LTL carriers can make the difference in your… Read more »

Creating Supply Chain Flexibility and Resilience DHL

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Written by Greg Hewitt, DHL Blog   Your business’s ability to reach new audiences and markets – and to deliver high-quality service to those it already serves – depends on the strength and resilience of your supply chain. A flexible supply chain that gives you options is clearly preferable to one that doesn’t adapt and… Read more »


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It’s a tried and true principle: gratitude makes people happy. Just ask Harvard [1], Psychology Today [2], and Oprah [3]. There’s something in our neurochemistry that craves a thankful perspective. But how far-reaching does the power of gratitude extend? Certainly counting your blessings has other dividends beside a good mood. Please don’t misunderstand, happiness is… Read more »


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The COVID-19 pandemic may be keeping more people at home, but the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) is still holding its annual Operation Safe Driver Week this week, July 12th-18th. This safety initiative, which takes place in North America, encourages law personnel to identify drivers who are operating vehicles unsafely. “It’s essential that this enforcement… Read more »