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When it rains on California roads, it pours.

If you haven’t heard, the Golden State has been receiving records amounts of rain for the last two weeks. Though the rain has come in moderate volumes, the unrelenting downpour has proven to be “10,000 small cuts” across the state.

The flooding can be attributed to the arrival of atmospheric rivers, or narrow bands of moisture packed densely together. Even though torrential rainfall is expected to end soon, the aftermath on California’s roads may outlive the storm.

As you plan your routes over the next week, it may be wise to avoid the following California roads:


Monterey Peninsula

Widespread flooding has been reported through Salinas Valley, even inciting some evacuation orders. If you plan to travel through popular cities like Carmel, Monterey, Pacific Grove, or Pebble Beach, you may want to steer clear.

California road closures throughout the county have been reported.


Santa Cruz County

Rising tides and falling trees are causing traffic disruptions throughout Santa Cruz, but the storms have especially influenced the mountains.

Atmospheric rivers often produce the heaviest rainfall on mountain peaks, creating mudslides and damaged California roads. For your safety, it’s best to avoid these areas entirely.


Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe is known for its remarkable downhill skiing. Unfortunately, Lake Tahoe’s popularity is proving to be problematic.

With more than 8 ft. of snow accumulating around I-80 and portions of highway 50, the surge in holiday traffic has caused an overwhelming number of spinouts and accidents.


Southern California

The floods haven’t spared Southern California. Dotted throughout Los Angeles, sinkholes, falling trees, and ponds have filled streets.

With a record 1.8 inches of rain and counting, these conditions may only worsen as the storms continue.


San Joaquin Valley

San Joaquin Valley has experienced over 200 times the amount of rain than it did last year.

Merced County has fallen especially victim to the floods, with hundreds of evacuations still being carried out. Nearby 1-5 and highway 99 have also reported shutdowns as California roads turn to torrents.


California is a hub of the supply chain. As many drivers intend to make the trek west, be sure to check for route closures, exercise caution, and bring a poncho.

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