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virtual success opportunity work from home

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During World War II, the German military implemented a strategy called blitzkrieg, a term meaning, “lightning warfare.” This strategy was comprised of rapid and formidable attacks intended to catch the opposing side off guard. It worked. It was not uncommon for the opposing commanders to simply surrender when faced with what appeared to be a… Read more »

virtual success comfort work from home

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There are few things better than being comfortable. Laying in a warm bed, wearing pants that stretch with cozy socks—it’s pure bliss. We crave comfort, so when we finally find it, it’s a place we don’t want to leave. When we are experienced and have a lot of knowledge in a certain area, we easily… Read more »

Pre Trip Inspections Save You Money

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You know that pre-trip inspections are required by law, but did you know that they could save you money as well? The Department of Transportation (DOT) has required that every driver must complete a pre-trip inspection before each shift. This is required to not only keep the driver safe, but to ensure the safety of… Read more »

virtual success fear work from home tips

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During WWI, Amelia Earhart was a first-aid nurse in Toronto. She spent much of her free time watching the Royal Flying Corps train in the local airfield. Her interest of being a pilot was sparked and the seed of a dream was planted. After the war, while taking pre-med classes at Columbia University, she went… Read more »

Technology and customer experience balance

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The addition of great technology to the third party logistics industry has been critical in growing the landscape and making companies more efficient. However, implementing technology should not result in the subtraction of talented and skilled people who are needed to synchronize the value creation to the customers. This calculation error has been made by… Read more »

virtual success staying focused work from home

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Picture this: You’re on a virtual meeting call at home. You want to stay focused, but you also just noticed the Amazon truck pulled up. You don’t even remember what you bought. It is just sitting there on your porch waiting for you to rip it open and bask in the 5 seconds of pure… Read more »

Proactive vs reactive customer service

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In an industry with varying levels of expectations, it’s important to remember that high caliber customer service looks different in the eyes of each customer. One may prefer email while another may favor a call or text. Some may choose quarterly business reviews and others may select weekly updates. However, despite all the differences, there… Read more »

virtual success remote tips work from home

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Pre-COVID, we only had a handful of employees that worked from home. This week, I reached out to some of them since they are our “work from home pros” to see what tips they had incorporated to be successful in their roles. Here are three pro-tips that stood out: Have a routine Maintain a consistent… Read more »