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The trucking business is very lucrative with the amount of freight in transport every day. However, it is also incredibly competitive given the many trucking companies that are already established. If you are an up-and-coming trucking company owner, competing with these big fish may seem like a challenge. You don’t have to worry; these five… Read more »

the value of a customer business review

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In today’s world of transportation, carriers and third party logistics (3PL) companies alike are looking to create value for their customers. The customer business review (CBR) has been a go-to resource for many organizations, and for good reason. Its value in a variety of areas is both undeniable and measurable. 3PLs have long seen CBRs… Read more »

preparing for trucking during hurricane season

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Hurricane season officially began June 1. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) is predicting above normal activity for 2021. However, the activity is expected to be less than last season. NOAA’s projection includes six to ten hurricanes, with three to five of them classified as major. While this information may appear somewhat daunting, there… Read more »

trucking tips to beat the summer heat

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With the passing of Memorial Day, summer is here. While the official mark on the calendar is June 21, hot weather and the pressure of long days in the sun are now upon us. It’s important that you pay attention to the needs of your body and your equipment as summer progresses. Below are a… Read more »

Stay in your lane good or bad advice

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‘Staying in your lane’ is an interesting ideal in a contemporary, corporate setting. Nowadays, collaboration is held in such high-esteem that businesses will invest millions in training, installing, and implementing workplace collaboration software. That hardly sounds like ‘staying in your lane.’ But then again, imagine if responsibility was shared among the entire company: No individual… Read more »


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You just nailed it. Months of research, preparation, and draft after re-draft have just culminated in what was certainly the greatest presentation of the millennia. After the thunderous applause begins to peter off, you are finally able to hear the congratulations that you’ve anticipated for so long: “You’re a rockstar!” “Hey, rockstar!” “You know what… Read more »

Sam Helgren National Sales England Logistics

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Throughout history, leaders have been distinguished by titles. Only an individual with the title of ‘captain’ could pilot a ship, only a ‘general’ could command an army, and only a ‘king’ could govern a people. Regardless, there are a few exceptions to this rule. Occasionally, there comes along an individual so naturally inclined to caring… Read more »

how to choose a truck stop

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Truck stops began as a location for semi-trucks to have a convenient place to fuel along the main truck lines across the nation. Now, they’ve evolved into full service, driver-centric, homes away from home for hard working drivers. The variety of amenities these modernized truck stops offer are seemingly endless. With all of the offerings… Read more »

Listening Helps Customer Relationships

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The most common type of customer relationships are general and mutually beneficial. If a customer relationship dissolves, it’s typically because one of the parties is no longer benefitting from the connection. This can happen quickly because general relationships may have signed terms but don’t necessarily lock either party into dedicated services or products. The keys… Read more »