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One thing you can count on is that once your truck starts to move, it will eventually need to stop. Hopefully, that stop is planned, of your own accord, and where you had hoped to come to a halt. Truck stops got their start in the USA as far back as the 1940s, with chain… Read more »

Is Intermodal (truck train rail) the solution to your capacity crunch?

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Full truckload (FTL) represents a significant portion of surface-based transportation within the domestic United States for the movement of goods. As such, shippers are accustomed to shipping with FTL. Full truckload shipping is reliable and has stood the test of time. However, if there is a shortage of truck drivers, shippers can face challenges moving… Read more »

ClientDiversification waystodiversifyyourclientbase

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Today’s business world requires frequent strategizing to keep up with the competition, including diversifying your client base. For England Logistics’ agents, this is particularly important. Absolute reliance on one group of clients can quickly expose your book of business to vulnerability. Profit will likely fluctuate if your single client group suddenly withdraws. Similarly, a change… Read more »

Supply chain visiting the past and looking ahead capacity challenges

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This time of year, it is a familiar refrain to reflect upon many of the key supply chain happenings of 2021 within our unique logistics industry space. In-kind, this is also a season to make some prognostications for the new year. In keeping with the theme of ‘constant change,’ we would like to review the… Read more »


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With the new year just underway, the time has come for carriers to reflect on the year that was and how the new year will be better. 2021 provided carriers with challenges related to an ongoing pandemic and surging supply chain delays. However, through adaptation and planning, carriers are moving forward fearlessly into 2022. Here… Read more »

visual supply chain ground transportation multiple methods

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The effects of the pandemic on the supply chain revealed that manufacturers cannot overprepare for the unexpected. Most manufacturers struggled with material shortages while freight carriers grappled with increased demand. With so much happening at once, it’s time for manufacturers to have a plan that controls for the variable of supply chain disruption. Pre-pandemic supply… Read more »

Semi truck snack food on table

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The holiday season isn’t the end of the busy season. While the traditional peak season is related to the sharp rise in demand for goods in November and December, another target period waits around the corner: winter sports season. A surging demand for certain food products following the new year represents an aftershock for companies… Read more »

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Every fall, the American Transportation Research Institute (ATRI) issues its report ranking the top issues facing the trucking industry. The report is compiled by surveying 2,500 industry stakeholders. This group includes carriers, drivers, suppliers, industry trainers and law enforcement. For the fifth year in a row, driver shortage topped the list, getting four times as many first-place… Read more »

gloved hands moving tire on ground

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Carriers must maintain high-quality tires across their fleet. Tires are a key part of your business. Making the right tire decisions can help move your business forward. Poorly maintained tires can lead to a host of fleet issues that can cost you a lot of unnecessary time and money. You need to remember that as you… Read more »

employee spotlight nicole

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When describing the makings of an individual that has had great corporate success, such adjectives like, ‘accountable’, ‘tenacious’, ‘resilient’, and ‘aggressive’ may be fairly offered—but ‘kind’ may escape such a list. Nicole is evidence that kindness is the catalyst of professional success. By fostering meaningful, enriching relationships, Nicole has demonstrated that leading with your heart… Read more »