traffic on july 4th

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Like the fireworks that will light up the sky, traffic on July 4th is anticipated to be rocketing toward a boom this year.

Research from AAA anticipates that 50.7 million Americans will travel more than 50 miles from their home on Independence Day weekend—more than 2.1 million individuals in 2022. For the sake of the projection, the AAA defines the Fourth from June 30 – July 4.

Truckers can anticipate unprecedented delays in the wake of such staggering numbers. To prevent your route from being derailed, here are some of the best ways to cut down on time spent in holiday traffic this year.


1. Avoid Peak Travel Times

You can expect traffic to be higher than usual around the clock, but there will be terrible traffic during peak hours.

Use this table as a reference when curating your routes in anticipation of traffic on July 4th.


traffic on july 4th

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2. Take Your Breaks Strategically

When planning your route, consider where and when you take your breaks.

If possible, try and keep your breaks away from significant congestion points. These include major cities, roads near notable landmarks, or prominent event venues. Try rural truck stops or gas stations along quiet interstates in selecting an ideal location.

When planning when to take your breaks, try to hunker down during peak hours. If you can sleep through the rush, you can travel in the peace of irregular travel hours.


3. Plan Your Route with the Right Tools

When planning your route, have a GPS in one hand and a laptop in the other.

Most GPS apps have real-time traffic information that can provide insights into potential delays along your route. Before departing, always input your destination and departure time into a GPS to estimate total delays.

Of course, GPS technology isn’t perfect. For occasions that might pose a notable bump to traffic, like the Fourth of July, visit the websites of local news stations along the major points of your route for the most accurate information.

For more information on efficient route planning, check out our comprehensive route planning guide.

The Fourth of July brings people together… but when everyone can access a car, consult these tips for avoiding traffic on July 4th to ensure a smooth holiday.


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