It's Your Ship Captain Abrashoff

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Over ten years ago, just a few years after its initial publication, I heard about the book, “It’s Your Ship” by Captain D. Michael Abrashoff. In the spirit of full disclosure, I judged the book by its cover and its title. I thought to myself, “What does leading a crew have to do with the… Read more »

Sales Coaching Blog

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It’s often said that successful employees are the backbone of successful companies. When time and resources are offered to employees, they will in turn invest their time and effort into the company and achieve new goals. However, many organizations fail to follow the simple steps that lead to a dedicated team and enhanced business practices…. Read more »

sherpa award

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SHERPA EMPLOYEE OF THE QUARTER Congratulations to our Q3 Sherpa Employee Award winner, Malani! Malani is very detail oriented and always makes sure her work goes through without any hiccups. We all rely on her and appreciate that she is prompt in meeting deadlines and that her communications are concise and understandable. In addition, she… Read more »

Effort is Everything Results

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I got my first sales job as a freshman in college. Having never sold something other than homemade lemonade in grade school, it was terrifying to be in an environment where there was so much pressure on numbers and my worth was determined by hitting and exceeding quota. I went to my dad, the ultimate… Read more »

Increasing Value: Four Steps to Sustainable Relevance

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A short time after awakening to the fact that people are an organization’s only increasing asset, it also dawned on me that it was up to me to continue increasing my value if I wanted to remain relevant for any organization to which I belonged. This meant that I would have to regularly ask myself… Read more »

Employee of the Month Backbone of the Month

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EMPLOYEE OF THE MONTH Congratulations to our October Employee of the Month, Micah! Micah has quickly established himself as a hard worker and one who consistently strives for success. He comes in each day and works diligently without seeking praise or approval. Micah is dedicated to achieving his goals individually and as a team, providing… Read more »

Supply Chain Case Study Automotive Supplier Saves

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Maintaining a solid cost strategy in a supply chain can seem out of reach. Fortunately, England Logistics has many remedies to save you time and money.     THE SUPPLY CHAIN Our customer, a tier one automotive supplier in the Midwest, had its U.S. and Canadian suppliers ship southbound materials to a warehouse located in… Read more »

People: An Organization's Only Increasing Asset Increase In Value

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Almost 30 years ago, I was working as a night security guard at a food distribution company. Being at the bottom of the tenure list, it fell upon me to work Christmas Eve night alone. Never before had I seen so many thousands of square feet so empty or so still. It was then that… Read more »

Factoring Company Factoring Tips

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When choosing a factoring company, you have the opportunity to gain a strategic advantage by solidifying your success and simplifying your day. Utilizing factoring resources can result in numerous benefits. It’s essential to dig deep and find the funding source that best fits your needs. Ask yourself the following questions before selecting you factoring funding… Read more »

Reviewing Your Strategy

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Managing a successful business is a big task, especially in a constantly changing market. Customer reviews are one of the resources our agent division uses to help freight agents get back on track towards their goals. As this practice has proven to be valuable, the agent division has put together a customer reviews infographic containing… Read more »