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We hope that you have enjoyed our September Client Experience Initiative. England Logistics firmly believes that people are the greatest contributor to the success of the client experience! We were able to underline our Communication, Appreciation, Reach and Exceptional (C.A.R.E) principles of customer care. Our aim is to highlight our commitment to an ideal client experience through content, outreach and follow-up.


The England Logistics service commitment at the individual level and elevated through our sales, operations and support teams help create and sustain our C.A.R.E culture efforts. As we designed the Client Experience Initiative, we thought of our clients and how we could best serve them during September. We decided to create blog posts and a website focused on our client experience initiative. The content we created was intended to help you, our valued clients, to learn how we approach our efforts to support you.


The full truckload team at England Logistics committed an immense amount of time and effort into client outreach this month. Our goal was to connect with you, our clients. We want to know what works best for you and how we can help.  England Logistics is thankful for the opportunity to serve clients who seek this valuable addition to their transportation needs. Building successful mutually beneficial business relationships in the contemporary marketplace relies upon both parties to bring many tangibles to the table.


As we look back on the success of the Client Experience Initiative, we are beginning to formulate new client experience goals for the coming year. The Client Experience Initiative is about celebrating our year-round commitment to our clients. We immediately apply what we’ve learned to help provide our expected high level of service to our clients. What does that look like? These tangibles include the obvious items such as lane opportunities and freight characteristics, but also incorporate core values, collaboration, open communication and strategy. The health of the client experience is very much dependent upon contributions from many sources and ultimately leads to better long-term results.

England Logistics warmly shares its great appreciation for clients, vendors and business partners, all of whom have helped facilitate a better overall client experience together. We again thank you, our clients, for celebrating with us during the Client Experience Initiative.

The England Logistics Full Truckload division offers a range of services for companies of all sizes. Dedicated team members are available day and night to offer solutions and assistance with all logistical needs. Regardless of the transportation mode, our market and seasonal specialists provide flexible shipping solutions and are committed to helping every step of the way.