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Take Advantage of Loyalty Programs

Truck drivers are hardworking, busy, and constantly on the move. With each mile driven, the truck uses fuel, and the driver is far away from the conveniences of home—meals, showers, and more. If you are a truck driver and you aren’t using loyalty programs at popular fueling stations, you’re basically leaving money on the table. Especially if you’re an over-the-road driver.

Loyalty Program Value

Loyalty programs can be managed through apps on smart devices or online, making tracking and redeeming points easy and convenient. Some of the value you’ll receive from using a loyalty program are:

  • Reserving showers
  • Reserving parking spots
  • Shareable receipts
  • Begin fueling at the pump without swiping a card

Earning Points

When you’re a driver, fueling your truck and truck maintenance are big expenses for you. Loyalty programs award points for various services you already use while you’re on the road, such as:

  • Fuel gallons
  • Maintenance transactions
  • Tire purchases
  • Bonus points on select purchases

Membership Tiers

Some reward programs may offer special member status depending on the monthly volume fueled.  A pro driver can earn as much as four points per gallon, which makes a difference when you get free or discounts on:

  • Showers
  • Coffee and soft drinks
  • Meals
  • Merchandise
  • Laundry
  • Urgent care

When you add up all of the value and discounts drivers receive when they use a loyalty program, the savings add up in a big way. Not only do you receive fuel discounts, but the cost savings on things like tires and maintenance continue to put money back in your pocket. It’s simple to access this information on your phone and start reserving spots and taking advantage now. So if you aren’t using a loyalty program, make today the day you sign up.

If you’re looking for a great rewards program, our fuel experts at England Carrier Services can quickly set you up with Love’s and TA and you’ll be earning points in no time.

The England Carrier Services (ECS) division offers a variety of services for carriers ranging from maintenance to support. As ECS members, carriers have access to nationwide discounts on fuel and tires from dedicated team members who are committed to finding the best price. ECS also provides factoring services with benefits such as same-day funding to a bank account or fuel card. These options allow carriers the freedom to focus on growing their business while saving time and money.