The Seven Building Blocks of Quality Customer Service

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Building Blocks of Customer Service Relationships

Whether you’re the seller or consumer, we each know that customer service can make or break a sale. It’s easy to slip up in customer service. There are several variables that are out of our control, such as carrier breakdowns, compliance issues, late or missed appointments or weather-related issues. However, keep in mind that there… Read more »

Valentine’s Day by the Numbers

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Valentines Day Infographic

It’s the season of love, and you need a gift for a special someone. Whether it’s chocolate for your sweetheart’s sweet tooth or a new chew toy for your favorite pup, having a quality gift selection to choose from all depends on the logistics industry. Check out some numbers that go into delivering your valentine…. Read more »

5 Steps to Accomplish Sanitary Transportation of Food

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FSMA Header

Whether it’s a Christmas ham or fixings for a Fourth of July BBQ, protecting food from spoilage and contamination is what the FDA’s Sanitary Transportation of Food Rule (“STF Rule”) and the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) are all about. Make sure these five steps are taken before handling the transportation of food.    … Read more »

Holidays by the Numbers

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Holiday Shipping Infographic

It’s the most wonderful, and busiest, time of the year. From the perfect Christmas tree to gifts for loved ones, homes and businesses alike depend on quality logistics to keep the holidays merry and bright. Every mode of transportation is utilized to deliver the holiday necessities. Get a glimpse into the rush of holiday shipping… Read more »

Adding 3PL Value to Your Business Practices

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Running a business can quickly equate to running up costs, especially when it comes to developing a quality supply chain. The idea that “time is money” keeps companies searching for a simple service that leaves time to manage business practices and provides a measurable return on value. More and more companies have outsourced their shipping needs… Read more »