Adding 3PL Value Time Shipment Services

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Running a business can quickly equate to running up costs, especially when it comes to developing a quality supply chain. The idea that “time is money” keeps companies searching for a simple service that leaves time to manage business practices and provides a measurable return on value. More and more companies have outsourced their shipping needs to a 3PL due to the substantial amount of money and time they can save on shipping needs.

No matter what the need of a company might be, 3PLs have the unique ability to establish pricing with carriers in order to fit the needs of companies they work with. 3PLs can be the strategic partner that many companies are in desperate need of right now as areas of the country are seeing capacity tightening. Here are three benefits of a 3PL to consider when looking for savings.


  • Individual Needs and Wants: Companies have specific requirements on how they schedule the deliveries of freight to their customers. 3PLs are positioned to pair companies with the best service for the highest value. With established relationships with the best carriers in the nation, companies won’t need to spend hours researching and coordinating shipments.


  • Carrier Relationship: 3PLs have the ability to know the type of service each carrier provides based on previous experiences. If a company has a shipment that is time sensitive, they might need to spend a little extra to ensure the delivery is made on time depending on the carrier. However, when a 3PL is there to help, they are better able to determine the best carrier that meets the needs of the customer. Although some carriers seem to have the best pricing, it does not always mean that their service is the best. Using a 3PLs experience for your freight allows the company to focus on other areas of their business.


  • Full Suite of Services: Working with a 3PL that has access to carriers with experience hauling loads across the country and in different modes and equipment types can make business procedures run smoother. If a company schedules a critical shipment with a carrier and anything changes on the shipment, they may be at risk of missing the shipment. 3PLs have access to many carriers that they can call to manage the shipment.


3PLs have the ability to meet various needs due to their increased access to key resources and business connections. Companies that utilize 3PLs experience streamlined transportation services, leaving them with more time to improve internal efficiencies.




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