England Logistics Podcast Network Ep 15 | Senior Leadership Roundtable Pt. 1

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A few members of our senior leadership team gathered together a little over a week ago to record a discussion of the current challenges faced by our nation. We asked them to give us ten minutes of their time. What resulted was an emotional 90 minutes as the group reflected on displays of heroism, perseverance,… Read more »

How to Protect from Freeze: What You Should Know

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Protect Your Shipments from Freeze

When it’s winter in North America, it brings many challenges to the trucking industry. Several of the products that are shipped cross-country require Protection From Freeze (PFF) in the winter months. These products include liquids, produce, perishable foods, batteries, and paint. To reduce the risk of potential claims, take the time to ensure these products… Read more »

Why Capacity is Still King

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Carrier Capacity is Still King in Transportation

When it comes to selling products, retailers and manufacturers rely heavily on truck capacity and their availability to move materials. When there is no container capacity, products will remain at their origin. This costs the manufacturer and retailer precious time and money. Lack of truck capacity also presents a problem for consumers, because the products… Read more »

The 2020 Outlook for Third-Party Logistics Companies

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The holiday decorations are long removed. Over-the-road fleet drivers are rested, independent contractors and owner-operator truckers have returned to the open road. We are now many weeks into 2020. The next few quarters are setting up in support of the strong offerings of third-party logistics (3PL) companies as primary transportation service providers.   Third-Party Logistics… Read more »

Preparing for 2020

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We are now moving into the time when most domestic shippers are busy preparing for the coming 2020 year in full-truckload transportation. Variables such as global trade, GDP, the retail landscape, domestic trucking capacity and intermodal rates have industry analysts and economists forecasting an upcoming ‘bumpy ride.’ With the possibility of unstable markets ahead, here… Read more »

5 Reasons You Should Ship with a 3PL

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Finding the right 3PL for your business is crucial for your company growth. Most shippers look to find effective ways to be both cost effective and reliable, but many are hesitant to give up control. Shippers have a difficult time trusting that a 3PL is equally as invested in their success as they are. Those… Read more »

Balancing Assets, Technology and Service in the Logistics Sector

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balancing assets technology and service in the logistics sector

The improvement and development of technology has impacted all facets of business and our personal lives. Today we are accustomed to everything being available immediately with the click of the mouse. Improved technology has greatly improved the productivity of supply chain and reduced the associated costs and errors. The benefits of these advances have greatly… Read more »

Five Reasons to Utilize Intermodal

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According to domestic intermodal statistics provided by the Intermodal Association of North America (IANA), the surface transportation shipping community has increased consumption of domestic intermodal services over the last 15 years. The railroads and Intermodal Marketing Company (IMC) continue to fine-tune their service networks, transit schedules and capacity offerings to meet the needs of evolving… Read more »

A Routing Guide Check-Up

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Routing Guide Full Truckload | Scalable Capacity in Supply Chain

The shifting full truckload market conditions throughout the last year has led many shippers to perform a stronger, more meaningful assessment of their carrier routing guide assignments. Here are key elements to maintain reliable lane assignments as conditions continue to evolve.   Committed vs. Spot Load Placement It can be tempting to swing more volume… Read more »

Produce from Farm to Fork

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Produce season produce rates produce transportation FMSA

As temperatures rise and days get longer, shippers begin gearing up for a busy produce season. Spring through early summer marks a time of tightened capacity, increased rates and scheduling constraints even if you aren’t in the produce industry. This is especially the case for companies shipping refrigerated products.   Produce Season Produce season in… Read more »