how to avoid dirty diesel semi truck

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Dirty diesel. What is it? Why should you care? Dirty diesel fuel is fuel that has built up sludge, slime, grime, and is likely not fit for use. Diesel fuel that has been sitting in storage tanks for long periods of time without proper testing or treatment starts to go bad. This is the stuff… Read more »


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Finding the right 3PL for your business is crucial for your company growth. Most shippers look to find effective ways to be both cost effective and reliable, but many are hesitant to give up control. Shippers have a difficult time trusting that a 3PL is equally as invested in their success as they are. Those… Read more »

coach coach change retaining employees through coaching checklist

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Recruiting quality talent is already an expensive process but replacing talented individuals can be even more costly. ‘Coach-Coach-Change’ is an approach to performance management that emphasizes retaining employees through coaching rather than a weeding out process. The approach is built on the belief that leaders have a responsibility to set clear expectations, train and coach… Read more »

balancing assets technology and service in the logistics sector

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The improvement and development of technology has impacted all facets of business and our personal lives. Today we are accustomed to everything being available immediately with the click of the mouse. Improved technology has greatly improved the productivity of supply chain and reduced the associated costs and errors. The benefits of these advances have greatly… Read more »

specialized services through less than truckload

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Have you ever had a shipment that you just aren’t sure how to move? Maybe a new destination that you aren’t sure how to deliver to? Some loads aren’t your typical dock-to-dock service. Your customer may need the product for a special event and the freight may require specialized care– some shipments just need a… Read more »


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Career fairs serve as hubs of networking opportunities to those that are seeking employment. No other event provides an environment where an array of companies are posed for personal interaction and prepared to coordinate interviews. Capitalizing on these events can be the difference between beginning a happy career and sifting through common jobs, but attendance… Read more »

national carrier vs regional carrier benefits

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The LTL marketplace is currently full of excellent options for both regional and nationwide carriers.  Before we discuss the advantages and disadvantages of both, let’s first identify the difference between the two.   Distinguishing between National and Regional Carriers   Regional carriers service a specific, and often narrowly defined, service area such as the Northwest… Read more »

brake safety awareness tip truckers get in three times fewer accidents

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The CVSA annual Brake Safety Week brings about a host of initiatives, programs, and most significantly for commercial drivers: inspections. Because there is a significant amount of information available about what inspectors will be searching for, this guide has been prepared to provide you with the essentials of Brake Safety Week.   What, when, and… Read more »

onboarding new employees hand holding megaphone yelling

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Every employee needs a great onboarding and orientation process. First impressions are everything and it’s important that your new team member’s first day starts out on the right foot. There are many effective options to take a new employee’s first day to the next level. Here are a few opportunities to test out.   Send… Read more »

NMFC Codes for Tailgate Parties | Football LTL

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This time of year is marked by earlier sunsets and the subtle appearance of light jackets that echo a slight nip in the air. While this may bring dismay to the fans of summer water sports, many celebrate that football season is upon us. The arrival of football brings a host of logistical demands. Consider… Read more »