2 Weeks Until CVSA Roadcheck 2024: Guide to Last Minute Changes

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CVSA Roadcheck 2024

With the CVSA Roadcheck 2024 only two weeks away (May 14-16), carriers are moving urgently to prepare their rigs for inspection. This year’s focus is on tractor protection systems and alcohol and controlled substance possession. With cargo theft rising at an alarming rate, the inspection will serve as a welcome opportunity for carriers to avoid… Read more »

Factoring for Truckers: Myths in 2024

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Freight factoring is an essential part of a carrier’s toolkit. Without factoring, your ability to take on new business is drastically reduced. So why are there so many myths about factoring for truckers in 2024? Whatever reason they’ve come about, we’re here to set them straight. But first…   What is Freight Factoring for Truckers?… Read more »

Semi-Truck Tire Repair Guide

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With semi-truck tire costs on the rise, a blowout can take the wind right out of your wallet. A semi-truck tire repair is the solution. Despite semi-truck tire repairs taking many different forms, there are several ways you can make the repair process easy and safe. The very best way to mitigate repairs is to… Read more »

National Work Zone Awareness Week 2024

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National Work Zone Awareness Week (NWZAW) highlights the consequences of inattentiveness around work zones.

Despite vibrant orange cones, reflective tape, and sign holders waving cautions to motorists, 956 individuals lost their lives in a preventable work zone accident in 2021. Tragically, work zone incidents are all too common, ranging from injury to fatality. Data courtesy of workzonesafety.org.   To spread awareness for work zone safety, the Maryland Department of… Read more »

Best Steer Tires for Trucks

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best steer tires for trucks

According to tire experts, steer tires are the most critical tires on your truck. Period. Steer tires handle the brunt of the truck’s weight when braking and cornering. They determine your steering and handling performance entirely. Long story short: When picking out steer tires for your rig, you won’t want to compromise on the treads… Read more »

Michelin Airless Tires? 2024 Tire Guide

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michelin airless tires

2024 is looking to be a revolutionary year for tire technology. With vendors like Michelin standing at the forefront of pioneering new tech, carriers can expect substantial changes in how they roll… including Michelin airless tires. Here are the top tech tire trends to look for in 2024.   Michelin Airless Tires You read that… Read more »

Beating Fuel Prices with Discounts–Here’s How

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Transport Topics highlighted the volatility of fuel prices in a recent Tweet: Fuel’s ups and downs have left many carriers dizzied by an erratic market, but not all have had to pinch their pennies. Resourceful carriers are finding ways to cut fuel costs and beat the market, getting ahead on trucking’s most essential expense. Here’s… Read more »