Client Experience Initiative

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September is the start of Fall. It’s a time for reflection and planning to move forward to the end of the year and beyond. At England Logistics, we aspire to dedicate this ninth month of the year to our clients through our Client Experience Initiative. In our decades of doing business, we’ve certainly learned that elite client service makes all the difference. We strive to provide superior client service and want our clients to feel our dedication as we deliver it. It’s part of our client-first commitment.

You could say that at England Logistics, we C.A.R.E. We have established a code of client care. The most important part of this code isn’t sounding catchy; it’s making sure we deliver on our commitment to individually and specifically support our clients. That individual touch is what matters. Different clients care about different things. To understand this, we implement our established code, review it and improve year after year. This client-centric code is the acronym C.A.R.E. This stands for Communication, Appreciation, Reach and Exceptional.

Here is that breakdown:



Communication is the key that unlocks understanding. Comprehension is critical to effective communication. Importantly, communication is a two-way street. For client service, talk to us. We want to listen and understand. We also expect and stand ready to hear from and collaborate with you. Your business matters to us. As we grow together, connecting through communication will build our relationship. Communication is about comprehension. Our mission is for our clients to understand the message of client service we have for them. Communications must be mutually understood for the message to be effectively transmitted. Communication is a big part of why we created the client Experience Initiative. As our team communicates with clients, we work with them to tailor our approach to their individual business needs.



Appreciation is a critical element of our year-round approach to creating a tailor-made client experience for our clients. At England Logistics, we have a client-first approach. Our clients matter enough to show them appreciation by showing them how much we value their business. This appreciation doesn’t come in the form of sending e-cards and motivational quotes, we support clients with person-to-person support, listen and take notes. clients can feel our appreciation for them as our account managers and client service staff stand ready 24/7 to help them have the best possible experience working with us. We designed our client-first approach to ensure clients feel appreciated from the first contact throughout their entire experience with England Logistics.



We strive to go the extra mile. Our team has designed specific protocols to focus on training our staff to stretch themselves in support of our clients, the lifeblood of our organization. Our team consistently sets goals to help our clients grow; together we reach new heights. We pride ourselves on building and maintaining strong relationships. In this industry, relationships matter. Automation and tech keep moving forward and play a role in this business, but our client-first approach means seeing the value of ever-evolving human connection. We plan to review our client service approach at the end of 2021 and determine how we can reach even further to support our clients. They matter that much.



We measure our client commitment. We believe in accountability; putting our money where our mouth is. Platitudes don’t provide clients with much value. We want more and expect more from ourselves. We take accountability for providing exceptional client service. Our team makes themselves available to our clients. Everyone knows how it feels to experience subpar client service. That is not acceptable at England Logistics. Our client-first approach means the highest level of client experience. It is our anticipated client outcome. We own the mission of providing you the support you need. We strive in all things client-related to be exceptional. No exceptions.


Our commitment to client service means a great deal to us at England Logistics. We strive to support our clients following the code of client C.A.R.E. and have seen excellent results to date. This dedication to specific principles has led to outstanding feedback and strong expectations that keep clients with us for the long haul. Our invitation to you is to take a look around our Client Experience Initiative page and determine what matters to you and your organization when it comes to your ideal and expected experience with client service. We want to know what you think because we C.A.R.E.


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