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Customer experience is the impression you have of a brand as a whole throughout all aspects of the buying and service journey. At England Logistics, we understand how important customer experience is to you and your business. That is why we are dedicating an entire month to focusing on customer experience. Beginning September 8, our Customer Experience Initiative will focus on what creates a quality customer experience and how we can ensure that each interaction provides value to you.

Throughout the month, we will be reaching out for customer feedback on what you feel leads to a quality customer service experience. We will also be sharing podcasts each week, which will discuss the four cornerstones of an outstanding customer experience. During these podcasts, England Logistics team members will discuss one of the four cornerstones, what it means to them and how England Logistics can better incorporate it into our business to offer you the best customer experience possible.

To kick things off, we have identified seven key elements of customer service in our blog article titled “Why Customer Experience Matters Most.” Check out the full article below, along with a few other resources throughout the month that we hope help you navigate business decisions.

Thank you for giving England Logistics the opportunity to serve you and your business.

"Great customer experience is built on the cornerstones of a customer-first strategy that demonstrate a clear investment in every experience with the customer."

Why Customer Experience Matters Most

Customer experience is the impression customers have of a brand as a whole throughout all aspects of the buying and service journey. The customer experience creates their view of a company and impacts factors related to the bottom-line including revenue, customer growth and retention.

In business, the primary touchpoints that create the customer experience are people, product, service and brand image.


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