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As the owner of Royalane Trucking LLC, Bret admits that competing with bigger fleets can be challenging. However, he has been able to grow his fleet to over 30 trucks despite challenges and believes 2019 will be his best year yet. Here are some of Bret’s best practices that have allowed him to improve his business each year.


Royalane trucking  |  Competing Against Bigger Fleets

Have a Vision

While setting clear goals may seem simple, Bret says,


“It’s easy to lose the vision you have for your company when you get caught up in the daily tasks that are definitely necessary and important.”


You can only chart the course for your company’s growth by keeping in mind the long-term vision of your company. While you need to deal with the day-to-day tasks, you must make sure you are taking the time to inspect your business’ current status and what needs to happen in order for it to grow.


Manage Your Time

Know the value of your time and your employees’ time. Before you start negotiating about a load, you should have an established timeline for your trucks and drivers. An effective timeline can make a huge difference in how profitable you are that week. Bret also says,


“By understanding the value of your time, you will avoid the old notion of working in your business, instead of on your business.”


Delegating as many of the everyday tasks as possible has been a key factor in growing his business each year. It allows Bret to keep a healthy balance between work and family.


Be Willing to Adapt

One certainty in trucking is that you will have setbacks. Your company’s ability to quickly adapt and stay effective will determine how successful you become. According to Bret, you need to be fast if you’re in the trucking industry. Be fast in making decisions, in following up, in finding solutions and in everything you do. From Bret’s experience, how soon you can pick up a load is more important than the rate will be. Being able to make fast decisions is a direct result on how prepared you and your team are at all times.


Build a Strong Network

Strong relationships are crucial for any business. Bret credits the growth of his company with his ability to create a strong network. It’s his strong relationships with his customers and various industry associates that have enabled him to expand his business.


“Whether it’s getting referrals or shared industry knowledge, it’s the strength of your network that will determine how strong your company is,” shares Bret.


Applying these best practices to your business could be what sets you apart and allows you to achieve your goals. To take your business to the next level, it may be beneficial to receive outside assistance. Support your company by establishing allies throughout the industry. As they say, there is often strength in numbers.


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