Truck maintenance is important to keep your truck on the road

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When it comes to semi-trucks and industrial trucks, both should be looked at as heavy-duty vehicles or heavy equipment. Especially when it comes to caring for those vehicles. These trucks experience extreme wear and tear every day. They transport heavy loads in hot and cold temperatures, and the number of miles driven can eventually add up to big bills and big mechanical problems. This is why truck maintenance is important.

Most of these issues can be avoided by keeping up on your truck’s daily, weekly and monthly maintenance. Below are three important maintenance tips that will take minimal time, but they will extend the life of your vehicle and save you money in the long run.

Schedule Regular Preventative Maintenance

Preventative maintenance is key to long engine life and keeping your trucks mechanically sound. A good preventative maintenance service will include an oil change, but should also include:

  • Oil Filled to Capacity
  • Oil Filters
  • Fuel Filters
  • Fluid Levels Inspection
  • Tractor and Trailer Lube
  • Nitrite Level Test
  • Brake Inspection
  • Air Pressure Check

Done routinely, these things can save you thousands of dollars in the long run by avoiding premature wear and tear. Keeping up on your maintenance will keep your truck running further down the road and help you avoid costly delays and load claims due to breakdowns and shutdowns. Routine maintenance will also help keep your equipment in top condition and keep you from getting in trouble with DOT during a routine or random check.

Check Your Tires Often

Something as simple as checking your tire air pressure can save you thousands in tire wear and fuel economy. It’s important to take the time to do this check every time you fuel and engage the services provided at your chosen fuel stop. As an example, Love’s offers a tire pass that allows you to have a Certified Love’s Technician check your tire pressure and tread depth. They will also provide you with a report on tire status when you visit their store.

If you’re looking for new tires, engage a tire specialist that can share advice and help you replace old tires with new, fuel-efficient ones. The expense of replacing tires now could save you money in the long run, and keep your vehicle on the road longer.

Pay Attention to Your Brakes

Although brakes aren’t as easy to check as fluid levels or tires, paying close attention to your brakes can help you avoid bigger brake issues down the line. If you hear squealing or other noises when you brake, take your truck in for an inspection. It seems like a small thing, but paying close attention when you brake is a great way to maintain your brakes.

Safety is a huge concern in the trucking industry. Whether you are trying to prevent major or minor mechanical failure, or just trying to save time and stay safe driving down the road, routine maintenance is something completely in your control and will save you time and money.




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