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The CVSA annual Brake Safety Week brings about a host of initiatives, programs, and most significantly for commercial drivers: inspections. Because there is a significant amount of information available about what inspectors will be searching for, this guide has been prepared to provide you with the essentials of Brake Safety Week.


What, when, and where?

Brake Safety Week is a national campaign hosted by the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance. This year’s Brake Safety Week is being held September 15-21. The campaign’s purpose is to:

…reduce the number of crashes caused or made more severe by faulty brake systems on commercial motor vehicles by conducting roadside inspections and identifying and removing unsafe commercial motor vehicles from our roadways. -CVSA


What will inspectors be searching for?

Though braking systems will be thoroughly inspected, this year’s special emphasis will be placed on brake hoses. Inspectors will be verifying that the brake tubing is properly attached, flexible, and leak-free.

It is notable that last year, 45% of violations arose from out-of-adjustment brakes and brake-system violations. Stay safe by ensuring that your vehicle is free from these common, but often dangerous errors!

Information campaigns and outreaches will accompany Brake Safety Week throughout its duration. To stay current on all related events, visit