Truckers are vital to America and of course, people are kind by and large, but what do Americans really think of truckers?

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As the lifeblood of a nation, sometimes truckers can end up feeling bruised. Of course, people are kind by and large, but that got us thinking—what do Americans really think of truckers?

Fortunately, Trucking Moves America Forward, a national movement for education, recently organized a survey to discover what Americans really think of truckers.

Here’s what they had to say.


1. 87% of Americans have a favorable impression of the trucking industry, up from 67% in 2019.

This figure is huge. A 20% increase is a radical shift in perception.

This collective positivity concerning truckers can most likely be attributed to the outstanding performance of truckers during the pandemic. When Americans need truckers most, they completed grabbed the supply chain by the bootstraps, and lifted an entire nation back on its feet.


2. 97% of Americans feel that truckers play a very important role in the country’s economy. 96% of Americans would call them essential.

This stat is just heart-warming. Just about every person under the stars and stripes feels that truckers play a significant role in the economy. As far as your importance is concerned, your necessity is unanimous.


3. 85% of Americans feel truckers are absolute professionals.

In this context, a professional is, “characterized by or conforming to the technical or ethical standards of a profession.” When considering the scrupulous standards of trucking as a whole, this is an especially high compliment. Nearly all Americans feel that you exemplify a certain degree of excellence in your occupation.

So, in short, Americans think truckers are spectacular! As heroes that have preserved some of our most primary economic functions in a dire time, we owe a huge thanks to the individuals that are keeping our nation moving.


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