Veterans of the trucking industry have braved storms, setbacks, industry downturns, and more. Here are a few pieces of advice they have.

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We respect truckers for a lot of reasons, but there’s one trait of drivers that is especially admirable: Truckers are in it for the long haul.

In a trucker’s marriage to the road, you rarely hear about divorce. Drivers usually stay driven in their careers as truckers until they retire. This makes for real road veterans that have braved the interstate for most of their lives.

We’ve interviewed and compiled several of these highway heroes to get their best advice on trucking. In an industry that sees such frequent changes, one thing has been consistent: the drivers that keep the nation moving.

Here are a few pieces of advice they have to offer:


  1. Don’t Job Hop

It can be tempting to feel that the grass is always greener with another carrier, but as the saying goes, sometimes it can be better to “water your own dang grass.”

Trucking is an industry that awards tenure, with pay rising in correlation to the time spent by a trucker at a company. With carriers becoming less tolerant of a flippant resume these days, you’re often better off investing in your current position.

If you are in a tight spot, take some advice from our friend Maryan:

I had to learn communication between companies and gain experience on the road—it’s much learning, from getting your license as a new driver until you begin making enough money.

If you want to move forward in this industry, you need to continue to learn. It’s not something that ends, especially when the market can be so crazy and unpredictable.


  1. If Possible, Team Up

Truck driving is a lonely profession—and it takes a toll on drivers. 26.9% of drivers suffer from depression, reporting prolonged feelings of sadness and isolation.

This is an epidemic for an undeserving population. Fortunately, much can be done to exercise mental hygiene and keep the blues at bay.

One of the best practices for keeping your mood up comes from another friend of ours, Larry.

Get a few drivers together when everyone’s going to the same place, and it’s great. That’ll keep you motivated!

Larry’s spot on. The National Library of Medicine has shown that social interactions produce dopamine, “which gives us a little high and it kills pain, it’s like a naturally produced morphine.”

So, if you’re needing a pick-me-up, pick-up your buddy and get moving!


  1. Enjoy the Ride

Trucking is tough, definitely; however, trucking is one of the occupations on the planet that allows you the liberty of the open road. As a driver, you get to see what most of the world will never see.

Chuck, our final friend and industry veteran, puts it best:

Trucking gives you much freedom. You wouldn’t understand it unless you’ve lived it. There are no words to describe it.

Of all the advice that will help you enjoy trucking more, the very best might just be to soak up your time in the rig and enjoy the scenery.


Veterans of the trucking industry have braved storms, setbacks, industry downturns, and more—but what unites them all? Their love for the road. When it’s your turn to pass on your advice as a veteran, we hope you’ll feel a similar passion as these incredible veterans.

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