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Driver Appreciation Week is more than just an opportunity to thank drivers–it’s a time to celebrate them. With our driver spotlight series, we are sharing the stories of carriers from all walks of life.

Special thanks to the wonderful drivers that allowed us to share their experiences.

EL: Thanks so much for taking some time for us, Larry. How long have you been in the trucking industry?

Larry: I’ve been trucking for about 30 years.

EL: Wow, that’s amazing. How did you get your start in trucking?

Larry: I worked on trucks for about ten years, and I got super interested in them. I got burned out fixing them, so I decided to do the driving.

EL: You must know your rigs inside out. Thirty years is something to applaud.

What motivates you to be such an exceptional driver?

Larry: I love trucking! You can have fun; you can stop and eat when you want… Get a few drivers together when everyone’s going to the same place, and it’s great. That’ll keep you motivated!

EL: I love that the thing that drives you is the love of the ride. Why do you choose to be such an exceptional driver in your career?

Larry: I like to always do things right. I get that from my grandfather. If you’re going to do something, do it well. Make the very best out of whatever you are doing.

EL: I respect and admire that mentality! What has been your proudest moment as a trucker with everything you’ve accomplished as a driver?

Larry: Just being out here! You don’t have anybody looking over your shoulder, but you have a job to do. I’m proud that I strive to be on time. I don’t like being late for loads, and I don’t like being late to pick them up.

I take pride in that.

EL: Punctuality being your pride speaks to you! One last question. What’s what thing that makes your rig unique?

Larry: I take care of it. I try to make sure it’s always safe. I never want to be reckless and hurt myself or others.

EL: Larry, we’re grateful for your hard work and service in our industry. It’s drivers like you that keep us motivated and moving.

Larry: Thank you.

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