UPS Freight and Teamsters Negotiations

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UPS freight workers represented by the Teamsters Union are in the midst of a vote to accept or reject a new contract to replace their current contract that was extended to November 12, 2018. Voting began on November 7, with all votes to be tallied by November 11. If the contract is rejected by voters, more than 11,000 UPS freight workers will go on strike November 12. Increased use of rail carriers, wage increases, city driver protections for dock work, and pension/vacation adjustments have been cited as points of contention.


UPS Freight has prepared customers for a potential strike and is working on emptying its trailers and terminals by Friday, November 9, 2018.


Many shippers and 3PLs are preparing for a freight shift in the marketplace and subsequent tightened capacity.

3PLs are uniquely positioned to provide shippers options in a strike-marketplace. Due to a diverse range of carrier relationships, 3PLs are a tool shippers should utilize when considering how to distribute their freight among LTL providers.


3PLs enjoy relationships with both union and non-union carriers, and employs service professionals that understand the advantages each can provide your company.


3PLs provide industry expertise on freight classifications, claims, transit times, and any other freight hang-ups that shippers may encounter. Consider utilizing a 3PL to secure and strengthen your shipping strategy in a turbulent market.


Source: UPS Freight, Teamsters Labor Impasse may be Coming to a Head




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