full truckload and less-than-truckload FTL LTL shipping strategy

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Several transportation modes experienced unique challenges in 2018. Although the industry faced a reduction in volume and a decrease in capacity, these challenges revealed unique opportunities for those offering full truckload (FTL) and less-than-truckload (LTL) services. There has always been a natural spill over from FTL to LTL that makes it a logical choice to combine these services when possible. So, when should you implement a combination of both services into your shipping strategy?

If a shipment doesn’t have a strict requirement on transit time, it may be beneficial to consider the LTL volume shipment option. Carriers such as FedEx and Estes provide an excellent cost-effective solution for shipments of 8-12 pallets and as heavy as 20,000 lbs. These become particularly more appealing if the freight lacks the sensitivity of high value or doesn’t have the requirement of exclusive use.

Similar services aren’t the only thing LTL and FTL have in common. TMS technology has been developed that lends itself to both modes. McLeod, for example, is a TMS that can function in both the LTL and FTL world and makes selling the two services a fairly seamless technical endeavor.

When moving larger shipments, LTL carriers often implement additional services, also known as accessorial fees, to make up for the additional handling. FTL carriers can provide billing options for those additional services. These can be consolidated to provide FTL carriers with an all-in rate that makes them feel a bit more user-friendly to the consumer.

Whether your selling strengths fall to LTL or FTL, it makes perfect sense to linger a little longer around either mode. Uniting these services has potential to create a comprehensive and efficient shipping strategy. The inner workings are there to create opportunities for both services, allowing this partnership to be a sustainable and profitable tactic for the immediate future.




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