We are raising a terrifying tribute to trucker's creepiest encounters. Prepare for some of the spookiest trucker ghost stories.

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There’s something eerie about the forgotten. Old theme parks, deserted rest stops, and lonely motels are the perfect venue for something… unsettling.

Think about it—when’s the last time you heard a ghost story about a Starbucks at rush hour?

Even though latte-crazed commuters can be just as scary, every good campfire tale begins with a place that the storyteller probably shouldn’t have been. These places exist between the public’s attention, lost to the void of being disregarded—a place of memory, but never fully recalled.

Unfortunately for truckers, going where others don’t is kind of the point. Cabins are their cubicle, and the desolate backroads of the planet are their offices. But just as much as breathtaking views are an attractive part of the gig, truckers have tales that will leave you speechless.

To the pioneers of the open road, we are raising a terrifying tribute to their creepiest encounters. So buckle up, and prepare for some of the spookiest trucker ghost stories.


A Door to the Unknown

This trucker ghost story comes from a hauler in Australia. We’ll call him Ben.


After a long haul through the beautiful city of Melbourne, Ben pulled off for the night in a quiet stretch of the town. Being outside the city limits, he was surprised at the thick darkness that followed after flipping off his rig’s lights for the evening. With no streetlights, cars or trucks nearby, it seemed like the pitch black bled into the night sky. He felt lonely, but was accustomed to the solitude of his profession.

After his evening ritual of locking the doors, closing the curtains, and checking his surroundings for any potential concerns, he made his way to bed. He rolled from side to side for several minutes, perplexed by the cold he felt despite the summer season. The chill made it difficult to sleep, and he became lost in thought concerning the events of the next day.

Suddenly, the cabin light flooded the space in a pale yellow. Startled, Ben sat upright to discover that the passenger-side door of his rig was open ever so slightly. Fear shot through him as his mind raced—there was no way the door was faulty, the truck was new and in pristine condition. Was this an intruder?

Grabbing a pole used for tightening belts, Ben prepared to meet the invader but didn’t move. Seconds seemed like hours as a delicate silence settled over the truck.


Mustering his courage, he arose from his bed, walked around the perimeter of the truck, and discovered no sign of anything. No footprints, no nearby homes, no vehicles. Just Ben and his truck.

After uneasily returning to his bed, he fell into an undisturbed sleep.

The next day, Ben woke, stretched, and parted the curtains. Gazing out of his window into the daylight, he froze. The hairs on his neck stood up.

Immediately adjacent to his truck was an isolated cemetery.

Without bothering to put on shoes or pants, Ben started his truck, stepped on the gas, and sped away from that lonely spot.


A Dark Patch of the Night

This trucker ghost story comes from a driver in Canada. We’ll call her Grace.


As a carrier for the oil industry, Grace was accustomed to working obscure hours of the night.

On one especially late shift, she fell into a trance while making her way along a long stretch of backroad. After driving through the night hours for some time, Grace noticed a strange object on the road ahead. From a distance, the object looked large and lumbering. She speculated that a moose was likely incoming, and slowed down accordingly.

As the shape drew closer, an uneasy feeling came over Grace as the form remained… formless. Her headlights shone directly on the object, but the light seemed to be totally swallowed up into the void of the shape. The entity looked vaguely quadrupedal, but towered 6 feet in the air. No eyes cast a reflection by her headlights. Only a motionless shadow stood before her.

Grace was trying to make sense of the situation when an awful epiphany came over her. Detecting slight motion in her peripherals, she looked side-to-side to discover six other forms, similar in shape and magnitude, surrounding her vehicle.

With adrenaline coursing through her body, she punched the gas and drove around the objects. As close as can be while passing, Grace could still not identify a single feature of the shadows, just darkness.

She never could identify what she saw that night.


This One’s a Little Foggy…

Our last trucker ghost story comes from a driver in Kentucky. We’ll call him Todd.


Having garnered a reputation for being prompt and reliable, Todd accepted a route for an urgent toy shipment to be completed overnight.

As he rolled through a quiet country road, he noticed an uneasy feeling in his chest begin to arise around 3 a.m. Disregarding the sensation as silly, he tried his best to ignore his feelings of dread.

Todd’s feelings of uneasiness increased as a thin fog became a thick fog, and a thick fog became a wall of smoke. Unable to see much of anything, he pulled his rig to the side of the road and decided to wait out the cloud. No other vehicles passed as he sat in strained silence for several minutes.

Just as Todd considered calling someone for help, his truck began to quiver and sputter, until it turned off entirely. Dread turned to panic as his CB radio failed, his cell reception depleted, and his heart drummed quickly—until it stopped. He heard shrill laughter from all sides of the fog.

Garnering some composure, he rolled down his window and asked, “Does someone need help?” The laughter intensified, growing louder and louder. It felt like each rise and fall of the cackle was pointed at him, growing with the terror in his chest.

And then, it was gone.

Todd sped away, holding firm to what he felt and witnessed that odd night in Kentucky.


Do you have some trucker ghost stories of your own? Feel free to reply to this email with your own tales and we might just use them next year!

Happy Halloween haulers!


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