tricks to sell your truck

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Whether you’ve spent most of your life with a pedal underfoot or if your CDL is hot-off the press, most truckers can agree: Trucking can be tough.

There is good news though: Whether you’ve got to sell your truck out of necessity or out of expansion, there are several tricks to separate your rig from the rest.

Here’s how you can maximize your earnings:


  • Clean. Your. Rig.

Cleaning your rig is more than a courtesy to the next buyer. With every drop of elbow grease, you’re distinguishing your truck from thousands of others.

If you’re able, a Benjamin for refurbishing can pay for itself a few times over. If you couple that with high-definition photos, you’ve increased the value of your truck with a simple clean-up.


  • The more pictures, the better.

By including pictures of your interior, your engine, your wheel wells, and anything else on your truck, you accomplish two wins:

  1. You establish trust with the consumer in total transparency.
  2. You demonstrate just how superior your rig really is.

Both benefits are giant differentiators in an even bigger market. Don’t miss out on these easiest tricks to sell your truck.


  • Take up marketing.

Nowadays, it can take only twenty minutes to learn how to run simple social ads—but when it comes to selling your rig, this can make all the difference.

By using the Facebook ad suite, you can pay however much you’d like to reach however many folks you’d like. Using basic guides like this one, you can be an expert in an hour.

In addition, the words you choose to put in your ad can also make a difference. Search engine optimization, or SEO, is picking words that people might search in Google to create your ads. Simply search, “good SEO keywords for selling semi-trucks” and include a few in your listing for more visitors!


Think of it—most truckers take pride in their Craiglist listing. If you can clean your rig, advertise it, and show it off right, you’ll wonder if sales were your calling all along by using these tricks to sell your truck.

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