Tips for Sourcing Talent & Recruiting Quality Candidates to Boost Profitability

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Building a team is an ongoing process that sets the tone for your company’s future. From recruiting quality candidates to developing individuals, each step is equally important to create your ideal team. The initial step in building your dream team is sourcing talent that can thrive with your company.


Identify the Role 

When initially sourcing a new candidate, start by defining what makes someone successful in that role, including attitude, effort, actions and results. If the position is new to the company, take some time to outline a proper job description and requirements, including expected results. If it is an existing position, make sure to review and refresh the current description. Once you have a solid understanding of what you are looking for, you can effectively focus on who to look for.


Determine Skills

It is important to ensure that a potential candidate has the appropriate skill set and knowledge to perform well in your role. After that is established, a focus on the candidate’s behavior and mindset is critical. What type of attitude do they have? How driven are they? How well do they receive coaching and feedback? Be sure to check out the next blog from the Authorized Agents division, which will share additional details on effective candidate selection.


Promote Referrals

When you are looking to fill a position, start by asking your current team to share the position with their networks. They may know someone that could be a great fit for your business. They may not know the referral’s work history, but most times they can speak to their character and work ethic.


Utilize Resources

Some additional talent sourcing tools to explore are networking within your community and posting your position on various job sites. Common job sites to consider include LinkedIn, Indeed, ZipRecruiter, Monster and CareerBuilder. Most of these sites have free trials or special pricing for small businesses, allowing you to experiment with different options to see which one(s) work for your business.


Sourcing the right talent can have a huge impact on your profitability. Follow these tips to discover the right candidates for your business and achieve your hiring goals.




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