Technology and customer experience balance

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The addition of great technology to the third party logistics industry has been critical in growing the landscape and making companies more efficient. However, implementing technology should not result in the subtraction of talented and skilled people who are needed to synchronize the value creation to the customers. This calculation error has been made by industry providers past and present. The problem has become more complicated to solve during the COVID-19 pandemic, however the solution remains grounded in people using a combination of technology and expertise to create an exceptional customer experience.

People Create the Customer Experience

A long time ago before there was the application of machine learning, search algorithms and blockchain, there were people who had great skill and expertise in working within a dynamic capacity marketplace. These freight brokers became very successful at building relationships within a very fragmented truckload industry, delivering a strong, reliable and consistent product to shippers across North America. Brokerage providers have earned leading routing guide positioning within Fortune 500 companies through their strength of service and focus on value creation. The success, starting nearly 100 years ago, was aided by equipment, process and technology improvements through the years, but make no mistake, it was driven by talented people with a passion for shipping.

The passion for shipping is still clearly burning within the freight brokerage industry today, particularly when skilled people are given powerful technology that can exponentially drive the value to the customer. This is not digital freight brokerage, it is a more powerful solution. This is a combination of understanding customer supply-chain needs and designing customized-solutions to those needs. Then they work with a portfolio of carrier providers to implement and sustain the solution over a long time-horizon. We could name dozens of powerful technology and tools to support this process, but they don’t replace the mastery of the person who expertly uses them, nor will they ever.

Evaluate Your Current Transportation Provider Portfolio

If you are a freight shipper, now is a great time to take a closer look at your transportation provider portfolio and ask some important questions. Is the provider selling you on their technology or have they delivered to you a strong service product? Does your provider understand YOUR supply-chain? Is your provider focused on meeting the needs YOU have? The answers should help you strengthen alignment, because in the end, logistics is most often an extension of the product you (the shipper) are providing to your direct customers.

We are proud that England Logistics is an honored technology partner with many firms who embrace the objective of having tools that strengthen the service provided by our team members. The balance that works for England Logistics is a combination of systems, culture and extraordinary people with a passion for creating and executing solutions that strengthen the supply-chains of our customers. This balance resonates within our organization and echoes with feedback from clients while keeping us grounded in our continuous mission to enhance the customer experience.



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