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In an industry renowned for the cultivation of dedicated, loyal relationships, the inside sales job market is awfully fickle.

As the job market becomes increasingly competitive, a landscape of sales environments is available to the aspiring salesperson. Bolder and bolder incentives are offered to entice new-hires, including unlimited PTO, sign-on bonuses, remote flexibility, and every noun you can fit in a gift basket.

Though these perks are enticing, long-term fulfillment and satisfaction transcend a sign-on bonus.


If your job does not include all of the following qualities, then it may be time to sell-out for a new sales job.


1. Planned Promotions

Though this concept may sound too good to be true, there are a few select companies that have successfully implemented this innovative format into their inside sales jobs.

The concept is simple: Tell someone exactly how to get promoted, and promote them.

By outlining the parameters for career growth, the result is a more motivated and higher-performing workforce.

If your current company doesn’t offer charted career programs, look into other options that ensure opportunity for growth in your new sales job.


2. Transparency

Organizations that are healthy and purpose-driven will always be transparent.

A transparent organization will report on the financial health of the company, the progress of company goals, and any impending concerns or challenges.

This transparency is an indicator of sincere concern for the employee: Even if a company is undergoing difficulties, transparency enables employees to react to adverse conditions, or even prepare for the worst.

If your current company struggles with transparency, it may be wise to look for a place of greater security for your new sales job.


3. Celebration

Harvard Medical School recently reported that productivity can be increased by 50% (!!) when employees are sufficiently validated. That is a colossal leap in accomplishment only because the good deeds of employees are being identified.

Aside from the increase in performance, validation is also essential for employee happiness.

If an employee goes unacknowledged, they will certainly feel invisible. But when a celebrated employee is fortified with validation, they will inevitably feel invincible. And invincible employees are bulletproof!

If you are flying under the radar in your current inside sales job, find a new sales job where your potential is recognized.


With the expanse of sales culture stretching onward into infinity, now is the time to be selective about your inside sales job. And if you’re not feeling promoted, secure and validated, then it may be time sell out.



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