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You’ve put in all the steps to provide the best customer service. Systems are running on all cylinders and you are confident nothing can get in your way. Unfortunately, every company eventually runs into a conflict. The good news is that the problem can be minimized by how you address it with the customer. When a problem arises, try these six tips for assisting a customer during a conflict.


  1. Give your customers the opportunity to talk.

The first step in resolving a conflict is understanding it. Allowing your customer to discuss the issue from their point of view shows that you are dedicated to finding a solution. It also allows you to think of solutions with a new perspective. Even if there isn’t an immediate solution, simply offering an empathetic, listening ear is always appreciated.


  1. Ask questions and actively listen.

Start by asking for a description of the issue, then ask what needs to happen to remedy the situation. Calmly asking questions without pointing any blame can help you get to the bottom of the conflict and start working towards a solution. Creating a positive resolution starts with having all of the information.


  1. Provide calm support.

Offering a calm presence throughout the conflict will lead to a faster and more positive resolution. By remaining calm during the conversation, you’re showing the customer that you’re listening and are confident that there is a solution. It will also help you consider the customer’s point of view with a clear mind, which is vital for conflict resolution.


  1. Monitor your reaction.

Conflicts are frustrating for everyone involved, but a positive reaction can create a positive solution. Remember that the customer is approaching you to help resolve the conflict. Try looking at the issue from their point of view and show them that you are on their side. Solutions are more easily achieved when working together.


  1. Focus on the solution.

Keep the conversation geared towards a resolution. It can be easy to get hung up on the details of the issue. However, once you have a clear understanding of the conflict at hand, begin collaborating on potential solutions.


  1. Say “thank you.”

Once you’ve achieved a solution, make sure you take time to thank the customer for bringing this problem to your attention and working toward a solution with you. It shows that you value their opinion and their business. This also ends the conflict on a positive note and leaves the customer feeling appreciated and heard.

Offering a peaceful, effective solution can strengthen your relationship with your customer.


Next time a customer approaches you with a problem, take a deep breath and apply these tips for a successful solution.




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