Semi truck snack food on table

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The holiday season isn’t the end of the busy season. While the traditional peak season is related to the sharp rise in demand for goods in November and December, another target period waits around the corner: winter sports season.

A surging demand for certain food products following the new year represents an aftershock for companies already working tirelessly to get their products on that party table. The question is, how can manufacturers make sure that their food isn’t the one out of stock before this unique season kicks off.

Recognizing current challenges

Capacity is tight. It’s always a battle to get your products out on the road and into retailers by your deadlines. However ongoing supply chain and pandemic-related speedbumps may slow down what needs to be a fast-paced, efficient process. Certainly, you’ve been preparing for these two unusually busy seasons for much of the year; taking lessons learned during unpreceded 2020 and using them in another unpreceded 2021. Manufacturers who stay determined to meet their capacity needs can navigate these murky waters. However, they need to work with providers they can rely on. Providers ready for winter sports season. 

Ready for anything 

It’s critical for manufacturers to have a plan A, B and C. In the shifting supply chain seas of 2021 going into 2022, strategy is king. You need to form a strategy that plans for bumps in the road. Form a strategy that plans for how you will react to potential pitfalls. Form a strategy around a vendor provider you can trust. A large part of that plan full of ABCs is about finding capacity when you need it. Back-to-back busy seasons can be a tough time to feel out unproven freight logistics providers. A proven capacity solution means one less variable to worry about in an ever-changing freight transportation market.

Prepared for Winter sports 

At the end of the day, manufacturers want to find reliable freight capacity to efficiently move their products in time for the winter sports surge. With all the popular party hors d’oeuvres expected to be a strong demand this winter pigskin season, manufacturers can’t afford a delay of game. 

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