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Every employee needs a great onboarding and orientation process. First impressions are everything and it’s important that your new team member’s first day starts out on the right foot. There are many effective options to take a new employee’s first day to the next level. Here are a few opportunities to test out.


Send a Welcome Packet

Mailing out a packet with helpful information is a great way to help an employee look forward to their new career path. At least one week prior to their first day, send a welcome packet with items such as a branded notebook or t-shirt. This is also a great opportunity to send them important information for their first day, including necessary identification, where to park, new hire paperwork, etc.



Touch base with your new employee a few days before they begin. If their first day will be on a Monday, call them on Friday to address any questions they may have. This sets the foundation for your relationship and reinforces their decision to join your team.


Be Ready to Greet

Arrive early on an employee’s first day so that you can greet them at the front door. They may be nervous when they arrive, and will be reassured when they see their manager ready to welcome them. Once a new employee arrives, show them to their desk. Be sure to have their space clean and set up with any materials they may need to help them feel welcome. Provide a tour of the facility and introduce them to individuals they will be working with.


Provide a Company Overview

All employees deserve an appropriate introduction to the company. Spend some time helping new team members understand the culture, mission and vision statements. Provide information on the history of the company. Teaching these basics allows new employees to understand how effective performance in their new role will be an important part of the company’s continued success.


In the end, remember that employees have options. We only have one chance to make a first impression. If we are not prepared to put our best foot forward, we will lose precious opportunities to retain great employees.




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