Employee of the Month Backbone of the Month

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Congratulations to our March Employee of the Month, Ryan!

Ryan has a positive attitude every day he comes in to work. He has taken on a position of leadership with newer AM’s by taking time out of his busy day to help them with challenges. In addition to being a great mentor, he has worked diligently to develop his existing accounts. One of Ryan’s key customers has more than doubled their volume with him over the last six months due to the level of customer service he gives them. In addition to great customer service, Ryan has continued to bring on new customers through diligent prospecting and referrals from his own customers. He has set milestone goals to keep track of his progress as he works towards monthly margin and volume goals that are exceeding his previous all-time highs. We appreciate his leadership, work ethic, and commitment to the EL culture.


March Employee of the Month Ryan


Congratulations to our March Backbone of the Month, Zac!

Zac hit the ground running in his new leadership role. He has taken the mantle of McLeod Wizard (super-user) in the Less than Truckload division. Zac has been a rock star at getting the LTL team transitioned and trained and has been pivotal in customizing the tool to meet divisional needs. Zac has also been instrumental with the installation of the new operations flow with track, trace, and problem shipment resolution. Zac’s reliability and accessibility is amazing and you can count on him being there to help with any issue we may have with a carrier, shipment, claim-problem or application. He sets the standard for efficiency and hard work and we are happy to benefit as a division from his tremendous ability to identify with and lead our team.


March Backbone of the Month Zac