Increasing Your Tire Savings | Replacing vs. Retreading & Tire Casing

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Fleet operations are hectic and tire maintenance can easily be overlooked. However, taking proper care of your tires could save your budget. Here are some simple tips for maintaining tires and getting the most out of your purchase.


Replace or Retread Tires?

A common misconception is that when a tire is bald or worn, it is unusable or needs to be discarded. While it may sound unappealing, retreaded tires should last as long as new tires with regular care and maintenance. Retreads can be purchased in all tire positions and are just as reliable on the road as a virgin tire. This option has been growing in popularity for many reasons. Not only does a retread cost less, but it can also extend the life of the tire casing up to four times. This is one reason why purchasing quality casings is so important—they are made with retreading in mind.


Maximize Your Tire Casing

A casing essentially acts as the foundation of the tire. It plays a crucial role in the mileage and durability of your tires. Tire casings differ in their make-up for long-haul and regional hauling, which is measured by the thread per inch (TPI) rating. Be sure to purchase the correct casing TPI rate and tread pattern for the truck in mind to ensure the longevity of your tires. Brands may also have specific care and maintenance procedures that can help extend the life of your casing and tread.


Even if you don’t plan to retread your tire casing, ask your local dealer if the brand you purchase offers a casing credit.


Pre-trip Inspections

Performing a tire inspection before each trip, or even while fueling up, can maximize a tire’s life span and increase the safety of the driver and the commodity being hauled. During an inspection, check that each tire is filled to the target PSI and that valve caps are secured. Also, take a look at the tread to make sure the tires are wearing regularly. Regular inspections can decrease the likelihood of blowouts and warranty claims. Implementing these simple steps can immediately impact operational savings and efficiencies.

These often-overlooked details can keep your tires in tiptop condition and your budget in line with your business goals. Quality tires are the key to getting from point A to point B safely. Hit the open road with confidence by utilizing these tips.




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