How to solve cash flow problems using factoring

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Small businesses, including trucking companies, often encounter cash flow problems. These can come in several forms, but generally show up as an inability to meet payroll and other operating costs. Seasonality often plays a role in cash flow problems, with a slowdown in freight contributing to a company’s inability to meet expenses. During the slower months, it’s critical to maintain a positive cash flow to run successful business.


Factoring invoices eases cash flow problems that are common for trucking companies. It allows a company to create cash without having to wait for customer payments or taking a quick-pay at high rates.


Increase Cash Flow

When you run a trucking business, payment can take up to two months to receive once a load is delivered. Factoring your invoice allows you to sell full, completed paperwork from a delivered load. Then you’ll receive the majority of the money up-front. This allows a company to increase cash flow, and continue to pay operating cost such as payroll, fuel, insurance, tires, and maintenance while also seeking out the next load to keep your business running.


Eliminate Unnecessary Expenses

Another way to solve cash flow problems at your trucking company is to cut unnecessary spending. Examine expenses such as fuel costs, office space, and administrative expenses. Can you outsource services to save money and possibly get work done quicker? Even examining your cell phone billing and exploring other options may save you money.


Use Fuel Cards and Loyalty Programs

If you’re considering using a Factoring company, select one that has product services. Fuel card and tire discount programs allow you to decrease operating expenses and increase cash flow. Working with a partner who offers these discounts will produce a huge savings your largest operational expenses.

As a small business owner, you’re wearing many hats and try to get things done efficiently and effectively. Considering options such as outsourcing, examining spending, and using loyalty programs will save you money and time in the long run. Fixing cash flow problems can keep your business running smoothly and take away some of the worry, too.