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Despite being a significant safety feature on a truck, tires are one of the least understood components of a vehicle. This lack of awareness can be attributed to the vast amount of tire brands with little associated information about their many different products.

Tires provide the sole connection between your truck and the road. If your tires are not properly gripping the pavement, technologies like antilock brakes and electronic stability control systems cannot do their job.

Because tire education is sparse, distinguishing which tire shops are superior can be difficult. There seems to be an unlimited number of articles online describing which industrial tires are best for your truck, yet there isn’t much published on how to select the best tire installer to purchase from. Consider these important areas when determining the quality of the tire shop you select:

Tire Sales and Service

The tire sales and service area of a business act as the first point-of-contact for you as you begin your tire purchasing journey. There are many things to pay attention to as you are making your selection. Here are a few:

Are the technicians TIA certified?

The Tire Industry Association (TIA) offers specialized service training for automotive, commercial and industrial tire service. Installers that are TIA certified follow a high level of safety standards, and services are completed in a competent and professional manner.

Do they perform radial run-out tests?

Measuring the radial run-out and ensuring the consistent rotation of the tire helps avoid bumpy rides, malformations in the tire, and a safer journey for the driver.

Do they match mount?

During match mount installation, tires are installed on a specifically selected part of the wheel to minimize the variance and imbalance in the wheel, which cancels vibration. You’ll have a smoother ride and tires will last longer.

What is the wait time for installation?

Don’t get caught spending all afternoon waiting for your tires to be installed. Ask your sales person for an idea on how long the install will take and verify they stick to schedules.

Is the waiting area clean?

If your shop isn’t keeping their waiting areas and workspaces clean, what does that say about the pride they take in their work? You deserve to be in a space that is comfortable while you wait for your tire install.

How easy is the checkout process?

Your tire replacement experience should be efficient and quick. This includes your checkout process. Ask ahead of time what the dealer’s checkout procedures are so you’re sure you’ll be on the road quickly.

What are the return/exchange/warranty policies?

You want to be happy with your purchase and feel confident you made the right choice in tires. Make sure your tire company offers a quality return/exchange service, flat tire repair, and warranty policies that are easy to process.

Total Cost of Tires

Most drivers should contemplate that the cost of a tire purchase is only a portion of the buying decision: service after the tire purchase can be just as important as the tire itself. The right dealer will not only help ensure you have the right tire for your individual needs but will also ensure that you are able to get the most out of your tire. Some after-purchase services to look for include discounts on the following:

  • Tire rotation
  • Tire mounting
  • Road hazard warranties
  • Vehicle inspections

Your new tires can be a hefty investment for your truck, so make sure you’re picking the right tires for your vehicle and the right tire shop to install them. Building a relationship with an installer you can trust will not only save you money in the long run, but it will keep you safer as well.



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