Pre Trip Inspections Save You Money

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You know that pre-trip inspections are required by law, but did you know that they could save you money as well?

The Department of Transportation (DOT) has required that every driver must complete a pre-trip inspection before each shift. This is required to not only keep the driver safe, but to ensure the safety of the public on the road. While this is a great reason to complete inspections, there are other benefits to your company and your bottom line.

Pre-Trip Inspection List

The pre-trip inspection is not difficult to perform, but if you aren’t doing a thorough inspection you won’t find possible issues and it could cost you in the end. What are some of the things that should be checked during a pre-trip inspection?

  • All fluids (Oil, Coolant, Brake)
  • Belts and other items in the engine compartment
  • Tire PSI
  • Brakes in proper working order
  • Hoses and couplers
  • Proper light functions
  • Wheel lugs

Cost of Ignoring Pre-Trip Inspection Issues

We all know that you can’t prevent all issues that may arise on the road, especially when you are dealing with things that have moving parts or are mechanical. But we also know that there are many times when something goes wrong with our equipment, it was due to ignoring an issue we knew about and assumed we’d get to it later. How does that affect your bottom line?

  • Down time, waiting for repairs while you are on the road
  • Missing delivery and pick-up appointments
  • Maintenance costs are hire on the road
  • Road service costs
  • Paying premium prices for tires
  • Getting shut down by DOT

As you can see, the downside for not performing pre-trip inspections or ignoring issues you’ve found can cost your drivers money and can also put a dent in your profits. A good training program and doing a complete pre-trip inspection can save you headaches and money in the long run.




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