Listening Helps Customer Relationships

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The most common type of customer relationships are general and mutually beneficial. If a customer relationship dissolves, it’s typically because one of the parties is no longer benefitting from the connection. This can happen quickly because general relationships may have signed terms but don’t necessarily lock either party into dedicated services or products.

The keys to maintaining customer relationships are first, recognizing that as a provider you are one of many options to that customer and may not always be their best choice. Second is catering to the needs of your partner through listening.

Listening Builds Your Value

When customers feel heard they are more likely to be forthright with their feedback, award more business, and come back again and again. Aim for communication with customers to be at least weekly. Being an active member of every dialogue will keep you informed and give them opportunity to be open with you. If a customer doesn’t feel heard, it may lead to them deciding to take their business elsewhere.

Listening Helps You Grow

When you recognize that you are one of many options, it creates humility and a desire to consistently provide solutions. Your customers will appreciate your attention to their needs, and you will have opportunities to grow in your skillset. This makes you a better partner for your customer and other potential customers, which is a win-win.

Prioritizing listening to feedback, gathering testimonials, and reaching out frequently to your customers will lead to better and more profitable connections for everyone.




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