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The size of your business is not based on the number of employees, but the number of customers that continue to use your product. With competitors always ready to fill in, it’s key to set yourself apart by offering the best experience. In this article, we will share four ways to stay connected with your customers and offer an outstanding customer experience: Weekly Coaching, Call Reviews, Direct Contact and Matching Communication Styles.


Weekly Coaching

When playing a sport, it’s important to take timeouts in order to refresh your perspective and plan your next move. The same applies to business. Utilize “timeouts” to discuss components of a transaction you can’t see on your own. As freight never stops moving, it can be easy to get weighed down by the constant operations and put the customer’s experience aside.


Offering a weekly coaching timeout gives your team the ability to review how they handled the transaction and identify a strategy for upcoming projects.


In these conversations, it is importation to discuss results, customer satisfaction, good-will measures, communication and identify how your customer is impacted from actions. Take time to discuss how your customers can benefit from changing your strategy and enhancing your service. A simple weekly coaching change could make a big difference.


Call Reviews

CallCopy, a call recording and monitoring software, can be used in multiple functions to increase the customer experience. Whether you utilize CallCopy or another form of call monitoring, reviewing conversations with customers is a great way to identify areas for improvement.

Sometimes you end a call and realize you could have done a little more. Try listening to the recording of your call if you feel like things didn’t go just right. Maybe you had a few things on your mind or you just couldn’t find the best solution. By listening to your call, you can find a way to adjust the customer experience.

Listening to calls with your peers or a manager is another great way to identify how you can better serve your customers. Receiving an outside perspective on your conversations can allow you to find better ways of addressing situations.


Many times, the solution just isn’t easy to find. However, diverse perspectives will lead to great collaboration.


When reviewing calls with a peer or manager, you get an extra point of view on what innovative solutions you can offer a customer. By working as a team, you can influence the customer’s experience and increase the retention of your customers.


Direct Contact

In an ever-growing and automated marketplace, a personal touch can be refreshing. Excellent customer experiences can be found when a company provides a single point of contact for customers. Empower your team by coaching them to handle any concern a customer may have. Employees that are provided with extensive training have the ability to adjust customer perspectives of the company and cultivate a lasting business relationship. The ability to speak to a live person will decrease a customer’s stress when things aren’t going right.


After all, no one wants to hear, “I am not able to help with this request, but I will transfer you.”


Matching Communication Styles

Employees must learn to effectively and appropriately communicate, whether it be through technology, face-to-face, email, online portals or phone conversations. With spans of generations working together, there are an array of communication styles throughout the marketplace. It is important to teach employees to communicate using a medium that is preferred by the customer. Give customers a customized experience by consistently communicating with them through their preferred method.

Customers drive all businesses. By using the methods described above, you can develop long-lasting relationships with each customer. Allow your business to stand apart from competitors and establish an outstanding customer experience.




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