Common Customer Service Mistakes

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It’s easy to let small missteps creep into our customer service strategy. Although they may not initially seem detrimental to your customer relationships, they could be creating a gap that your competitor can fill. Review your customer service strategy and look for these four small common mistakes. Avoiding them will go a long way in helping your customer feel that they received the best customer service.


  1. Unreachable Service Team

A main point of frustration experienced by a customer could be the difficulty of getting in touch with your company. Knowing that you can contact a service representative builds a great deal of trust. Keep your customers informed on the best way to reach you, and be sure to regularly monitor those communication methods. Avoid seeming unreachable by offering your direct line to customers at the beginning of your business relationship. Providing a quick and simple way for your customers to contact you shows customers that you’re invested in serving them. Also, consider investing in a convenient voicemail service to make sure that no customer reaches out and slips through the cracks.


  1. Call Quality

Once you’ve made sure that you’re easy to reach, don’t make the customer service mistake of appearing uninterested. Practicing certain skills such as patience, attentiveness and politeness will go a long way in building customer relationships. If you’re faced with hairier situations, you might be tempted to match the client’s agitation. Instead, defuse the tension by remaining calm and inviting a positive interaction into the call. Start with a warm greeting to immediately show that you are personable and ready to help. Offer the customer a chance to explain their question or problem before asking them any questions. Listen attentively and provide a clear, customized response. Last but not least, remember to follow up with a customer after a support issue, regardless of how it ended. Let customers feel like you’re involved with them in the long run.


  1. Passive Service

Rather than waiting for customers to call you, reach out and keep the connection alive. Dissatisfied customers may silently stew over their frustrations because they feel a company isn’t invested. This lack of communication could lead to an irreparable relationship. Taking a proactive approach to your customer service allows you to consistently review your business relationship and mend any errors. Businesses close every year because key customer conversations don’t take place. Show your customers that you care and be proactive in your customer service efforts.


  1. Inconsistent Experiences


Customers value reliability in their interactions with a business, especially when they are experiencing issues. Be sure to communicate realistic support expectations at the beginning of the relationship. This is vital to any healthy customer relationship. Even a quick email response notifying the customer that you’re aware of their question and are working on a solution is appreciated. Keeping your customers in the loop throughout the process lets them know that you’re there to help.


It’s easy to make these customer service mistakes, but fortunately it’s also easy to avoid them. Reducing these common mishaps will greatly help in developing quality, lasting business relationships.




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