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It’s confirmed: According to a recent, front page article from Transport Topics, carrier-broker relationships are more important than ever.

To combat the unique challenges of our present market, here’s a few things to look to help you find a broker:


1. Find a broker with a suite of lanes, preferably in essential services.

When available loads are scarce and spot rates are tough, a broker can provide the additional lanes you need to cover costs—but given just how volatile the market is, you need a broker with clients in essential services.

If your broker can provide you consistent lanes with popular grocers, medical goods or the like, you can capitalize on some additional security. No matter how up and down the market is, you can bet WalMart and friends will stick around.


2. Find a broker that will shoot straight with you. At any time.

Because market conditions are subject to change from week to week, and even from day to day, you need a broker that will communicate transparently and frequently.

Though it’s preferred that the broker inform you of market conditions before you even need to call, at a minimum, ensure that the broker is highly available. If a market dip or other adverse event occurs, you need to be sure you can call or text your broker to avoid costly mistakes in your routes.


3. Find a broker with the expertise to read the market.

Top-notch brokerage companies are consistently educating their brokers to keep you informed. As market conditions swing, your broker should be able to provide insight for how rates and freight availability is being affected.


In addition to good, old-fashioned experience, your broker should have access to the latest tech and automation to streamline your freight search. In today’s market, survival of the fittest is usually a matter of whoever can get to the load first!

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