COVID-19 Industry Updates England Logistics

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As the impact of COVID-19 increases in severity, our role as members of the transportation industry becomes increasingly significant in maintaining the supply chain. It is imperative at this critical time that necessary supplies and products are being shipped and arriving safe and on-time. And, it’s important for you to know that England Logistics is well-prepared and monitoring the situation closely.


The health and safety of all team members, customers, carriers, and vendors is our greatest priority.


We have taken steps to address a number of concerns and do our part to minimize the spread of the virus, while ensuring the continuity of the highest quality services for customers and carriers.

Measures to comply with the recommendations made by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have been implemented in addition to a number of proactive efforts. Our entire team is committed to maintaining a healthy workplace by following guidelines for personal care. As a precautionary measure, all company travel, in-person meetings, and visitor access to our buildings has been suspended until further notice.


We remain fully operational in servicing customers and carriers.


We have implemented technology to allow team members to work remotely with seamless access to everything they need. Currently, 75% of our workforce has been successfully transitioned to a remote environment to ensure appropriate social distancing for our team members and stability of operations. Our business continuity strategy is strong, and we are committed to mitigating any disruptions to our business.

We express sincere appreciation for your dedication. Our team members remain committed as ever to you and their teammates as we rally around one another. As we persevere the challenges caused by COVID-19, we feel confident that uniting in this effort will prove to be of great value to our industry, and we will all emerge even stronger. We are here for you if you wish to discuss strategy associated with market changes, forecasting, assistance for carriers, or any other related concern.


Please feel free to contact our team with questions or concerns. If you would like further information regarding our effort, please read the official England Logistics policy regarding COVID-19.