driver appreciation week spotlight saleemah

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To celebrate Driver Appreciation Week, England Logistics is recognizing carriers for their exceptional work within their respective industry. Highlighted individuals are selected from nominations provided by their peers.

Terrence, a co-worker of Saleemah’s, tells part of her unique story: “When we identified that someone in the office had to get their CDL, she didn’t hesitate to volunteer. She has been so dependable and our best driver ever. We are honored to have her on our team.”

In a world of bottomless conveniences, entitlement has become so common that it’s almost invisible. If a restaurant, employer, or perspective doesn’t cater to us, then we’ve been wronged.

Saleemah is the antonym of this way of thinking.

With every remark trailing into some comment of gratitude, you’d think that she has spent most of her life in a palace. Rather, she spends most of her time in a truck, kindly hauling the essentials that our country needs to function.

Ultimately, Saleemah needs more than 10 fingers to count some of her greatest blessings, as 11 kids would have anyone’s hands full.

When she isn’t instilling a love of driving in her roadmates, she is doing so with her kiddos. Several of her children are, or plan to be, carriers.


How long have you been trucking for?

I have run four trucks since 2015. I just wanted to get in the truck to find out what it’s like. You don’t know until you get out there!

Why did you decide to become a driver?

I love the team element while always striving to focus on the road. I wanted to do my best in whatever I did. I still do!

What do you love most about driving?

I love seeing the United States–they are the same and different at the same time. I loved meeting friendly faces. What you are looking for is what you find! You look for the greatness in people, then you find great people! There are a lot of great people out there.

What is the best way that others can show their appreciation for drivers?

Just being mindful on the road. When you have a eighteen-wheeler on the road, you shouldn’t be cutting off 80,000 lbs. They don’t stop like cars. Educate yourself.

What advice would you give to other drivers on being mindful?

Be mindful of your time and your body. The diet that you eat is gonna be the energy that you have. Love’s has fantastic fruits. I only drink water and tea.

What difference has mindfulness made in your career?

I am a mother of 11 children, so I am grateful to keep my right mind! Teaching my children is important to me. To expect the best, you need to do your best. Being mindful is doing the best you can do.