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As part of our Driver Appreciation Week celebration, England Logistics is highlighting outstanding drivers who go above and beyond in their critical profession. Based on nominations from their peers, family, or friends, these drivers made a powerful impression. Peter is a driver whose dedication for decades has made him a driver worthy of celebration.


Peter was nominated by his spouse. She highlighted how Peter has driven for 40 years without any accidents or citations. She also indicated that he goes out of his way to help other drivers with questions by answering questions, providing advice, or even fixing their trucks.


Peter has always loved driving. Ever since he got his driver’s license, Peter has loved to be out on the open road. After high school, Peter secured his first job driving a concrete truck. The year was 1981 and unbeknownst to him, it was the start of a long and successful career doing what he loves, exploring the open road.



Safety. Peter is all about safety. He champions a policy of never driving while tired. Peter has a routine of walking around and getting his blood pumping before he gets behind the wheel. He takes steps to make sure he is always alert and ready for the many possible challenges out on the interstate.


“All drivers should have a CB in their truck, they are a huge safety tool. There’s not too many out there anyone that have them and they should; they prevent accidents.”