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As part of our Driver Appreciation Week celebration, England Logistics is highlighting outstanding drivers who go above and beyond in their critical profession. Based on nominations from their peers, family, or friends, these drivers made a powerful impression. Justin is one of the drivers whose dedication is worthy of a celebration.



Justin was nominated by a business associate. This co-worker notes that Justin is an extremely hard worker, with a big heart. Justin and his wife helped this co-worker keep the business running smoothly during a very difficult period in this business associate’s life. She feels Justin truly exemplifies the profile of a driver who deserves recognition for his dedicated decades of service.


How it Started

Justin got into trucking in the early 1990s at age 20, thanks in great part, to his grandfather. He paid his dues in those early days, giving him a great perspective on the industry. In 2010, Justin moved over in the truck he is in now, setting the stage for the prime stage of this trucking career.


His Why

Justin loves to drive. He got his CDL at a young age. His mentality was if you have a CDL and are young and full of energy, the time to drive is now. It’s a chance to get out and see the country while making good money. Justin prefers being outside; “freelancing” it as he calls it, moving from place to place, versus any sort of job where he would be stuck inside all day.


Rest Is Essential

Justin credits rest as the most important part of the preparation for his driving. He knows that the better you rest, the better you feel. A typical start to a great day is plenty of rest, a good breakfast and a standard 10 oz. cup of coffee. The rest and preparation are critical as Justin routinely works 14 hour days, including 10-11 hours of drive time. As he says, “more miles, more money.”


Common Courtesy

All Justin asks from everyday people is common courtesy. He notes that when driving an eighteen-wheeler, motorists frequently cut off, tailgate, or otherwise make driving unnecessarily difficult for truck drivers. Justin feels it’s a give-and-take situation. People need so much of what drivers are hauling. To get that freight safely to its destination and on a shelf, drivers need to show courtesy and caution around drivers. A little respect can go a long way towards making life easier for drivers.