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Trucking? Jay likes the sound of that. As part of our Driver Appreciation Week celebration, England Logistics is highlighting outstanding drivers who go above and beyond in their critical profession. Based on nominations from their peers, family, or friends, these drivers made a powerful impression. Jay is one of the drivers whose dedication is worthy of a celebration.



Jay was nominated by a co-worker. Jay is known for his drive. Not just behind the wheel. Jay ended up with his current position because he wouldn’t take no for an outcome. He worked very persistently to be able to work in his current role. In a very short amount of time, he has proven himself to be an outstanding asset to the company he works for and the industry as a whole.


Family Foundation

Trucking runs in the family. Jay’s father and uncle were both drivers. Growing up, Jay was always around big rigs and he knew even as a kid, that one day he would get behind the wheel and become a driver.


How it starts

Jay is a go-with-the-flow individual. This means that he doesn’t have a lot of specifics before he hits the road. He makes sure to say his prayers, gets himself right and then it’s pre-trip inspection and off to his destination. Jay’s ability to adapt and go with the flow is part of what has led to his early success in trucking.


Motorist Advice

Space. Jay’s council for everyday drivers is to take trucks into consideration and give them more space. Sudden passing. Abrupt lane changes. No signal. These actions are all very hard on drivers controlling a machine so much larger and more challenging to maneuver than your garden variety Civic.


Driver Advice

“My advice is to do something that makes you happy. Find a comfortable position at a company that makes you happy. If you do this, you’ll wake up each day with something you love to do.”


Driving to the beat

Jay loves music. All kinds. If it has a nice sound to it, the genre doesn’t matter. Music is a big part of Jay’s driving experience and something that helps fuel his driving experience. Between the family ties, positive attitude and worth ethic, Jay’s future is bright. Jay being part of the next generation of drivers should be music to our ears.