Employee of the Month Backbone of the Month

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Congratulations to our December Employee of the Month, Edith!

Edith comes in each day with a smile on her face and ready to tackle any challenge. She gets right to work every morning, paying close attention to detail so nothing is missed. Recently she has been maintaining the workload of two people. Even with the added pressure, she manages the team game plan and operations to make sure we have coverage.

Edith is also known as the team prankster and keeps things easy-going during stressful times. She regularly stops someone in their tracks with her sarcasm and jokes. Edith is someone who works hard, has a great attitude and everyone loves having her as part of the team!


December Employee of the Month Edith


Congratulations to our December Backbone of the Month, Kelsey!

Kelsey has all the qualities that make a great Parcel Agent Service Representative. She is positive, friendly, helpful, attentive and works well under pressure. Kelsey is dedicated to assisting our agents and their customers. She is always willing to jump in and help her team and other divisions. All that Kelsey contributes make her a valuable asset to the company.


December Backbone of the Month Kelsey