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Enhancing business relationships between service providers and third-party logistics (3PL) companies is about more than revenue. There are several other crucial elements that determine a beneficial alliance for both parties. If you are ready to take your business connections to the next level, try applying these five key strategies for an enhanced business relationship.



A best practice for working with carriers is aligning opportunities with their preferred freight. To show commitment to these service providers, it’s important to be engaged in pursuing new opportunities for them. When meeting with carriers, include a review of the carrier’s business on the agenda. This allows you to constantly have a finger on the pulse of what is preferred.



Understanding how to operate within the carrier’s infrastructure is another key ingredient in building a strong relationship. Knowing when to contact a carrier’s customer service team and being prepared with the information a customer service representative requires is key to maintaining a high degree of satisfaction for both parties. Having that degree of knowledge and access reduces the amount of time spent problem-solving, ultimately saving time and money.



It’s important to both the carrier and agent to ensure that the carrier receives payment. Every carrier wants to be paid on time, and every agent wants to rely on carrier productivity and maintain positive relationships. Including the accounts payable team in your carrier meetings allows for better dialogue and an efficient resolution of potential pitfalls. This helps both sides feel taken care of, further strengthening the relationship.



Quality business relationships aren’t forged overnight. Lasting relationships are built on a foundation of time spent on the phone and in person developing clear expectations. Working closely with the carrier’s sales representation is critical and relying upon them to share candid feedback, key policies and details strengthen the carrier/agent bond.



Accountability goes a long way in developing business relationships. Quickly acknowledging and apologizing for a missed step shows your contacts that you’re invested in a long-term connection built on open communication. Most people realize that mistakes are bound to happen. How you choose to respond to those mistakes can determine the tone of your relationship.

These simple actions prove to the carrier that they are working with a quality partner. By applying these practices and working each day to reinforce relationships, carriers and agents can build stronger ties.


The business relationship ultimately forged from this bond creates innovation, understanding and stability that is good for both the carrier and agent.




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