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Sourcing and hiring the correct candidate can be a very difficult process, but it’s crucial to the profitability and growth of your business. The current job market is extremely competitive as unemployment rates are at a generational-low. Candidates have access to more information about companies than ever before. With this abundance of information so easily accessible, it’s important to provide a positive experience for the candidate throughout the hiring and selection process. Remember that this interaction is a two-way interview. As much as you are interviewing the candidate, consider that they will be interviewing you and the position to guarantee that it is a proper fit for them as well. Be polite, welcome questions and be timely with your communication during the candidate selection process. With that in mind, here are a few tips to help you through each phase of finding the right candidate for your team.


Resume Review

The first step in selecting a candidate is reviewing submitted resumes. Analyze how their experience translates to the job description and requirements for the position. As you look at what each candidate would bring to the table, also examine their longevity in previous positions and consider their current career standing.

Initial Interview

Before we bring a candidate into the office for an in-person interview, consider performing a phone interview. Many professional positions spend a high percentage of time on the phone, so hearing their phone presence and professionalism can be helpful. This is a great time to confirm if the pay and work schedule is in line with what the candidate is looking for. You can also provide a high-level overview of the company’s culture. During this time, discuss whether the candidate will need to give notice to a current employer and clarify when they are able to start. This step allows you to determine if both parties are on the same page and move forward to the next interview phase.


Live Interaction

The in-person interview is focused on behavior-based questions. Some examples of how to frame a question would be: “Tell me about a time when…” and “Describe when you…” Consider asking the candidate to provide specific examples from previous positions. If you have additional questions or need more clarity, don’t be afraid to dig in and ask follow-up questions. Provide time at the end of the interview to answer any questions the candidate may have. Remember, this process is all about finding the right fit for both parties.



If reference checks are necessary, focus on speaking to previous supervisors that can address the candidate’s work ethic, performance and coachability. Always be sure to request permission before speaking to a current supervisor if the candidate is still employed.


Attaining your business goals is only possible with the right team. Utilizing these tips will aid you in finding quality candidates and developing an effective company.




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