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The improvement and development of technology has impacted all facets of business and our personal lives. Today we are accustomed to everything being available immediately with the click of the mouse. Improved technology has greatly improved the productivity of supply chain and reduced the associated costs and errors. The benefits of these advances have greatly impacted the logistics sector: trucking transportation, international transportation (ocean and air), supply chain management and GPS tracking systems.

Logistics companies that are able to navigate the changes in technology will have a competitive advantage to control their assets and provide top level customer service. Investing in technology can be both risky and expensive in any business sector, but even more so in logistics due to the many different modes of transportation and complexities associated with reconciling shipments.

Before investing time and money into any technology, companies should conduct a SWOT analysis. This can help to determine the return on investment and identify the objective(s) that will be affected in the business. In some instances, the company will need to bring in an outside consultant to assist in the needs tied to this investment and will be able to establish a timeline for rollout, adoption and results.

By effectively using the correct form of technology, businesses will be able to service their customers quicker and with the highest level of accuracy. Balancing yearly and quarterly initiatives can be easier for logistics companies when using technology to automate processes. As technology continues to change, logistics companies can drive the adoption both internally and their customers for great cumulative success. In the future the transportation industry could see self-driving trucks, drone delivery and block chain logistics tied to capacity monitoring.

In logistics, customer service might seem as simple as being on time for pick and delivery, but customer satisfaction is measured by the value provided before and after each shipment. Customer relationships can help with retention and generate referrals to build the brand image of the company. Respect from the customer and industry knowledge can make a logistics partner invaluable for the success of any company in transportation.


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